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Trans and diff gear oil


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Has anyone used this brand...Driven Racing Oil 04530 Gl-4 80w-90 Gear Oil. if so good results or not. And would I better off going with the Redline synthetic. This is conventional oil -Driven Racing Oil 04530 Gl-4 80w-90 Gear Oil. I was using this to top off the tranny, I was going to drain it and do a change. Thoughts do I go with redline or continue with the Driven brand conventional. Would the synthetic be better?

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8 hours ago, zdude1967 said:

I s there anything I need to do to convert from the conventional to the  synthetic. Other than drain the trans well?

No, but don't expect a big change in feel, some people find that synthetic makes the synchros feel a little notchy.  Just be sure it is GL4.

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I'd go with Pennzoil Synchromesh or Redline MT-90.  They're both better than typical manual transmission fluid.  Redline has been proven in many situations, solving grinding problems.  Search on the forum and you'll find stories.  If you use Driven you might be the first.




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