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Gas fumes inside car


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This was posted to our old tips forum by Trevor:

I chased gas fumes on my Z for quite awhile. When I had it all apart a year ago I replaced all the fuel vent hoses with the genuine Nissan ones and I kept getting fuel smell. Part of it was a leaking seal around the fuel level sender which I replaced several times and the last time I noticed that the

tank built up pressure inside awfully fast while I was resealing it. I had never noticed any pressure build up when removing the gas cap though. I checked the valve in the engine compartment where the vent line hooks up. And although it wasn't hooked up exactly right, it basically hooked up to the air cleaner and the intake to vent the fumes it was also mostly plugged so the

pressure was finding other places to escape like through the seal and around

hose connections. Got the valve degummed and now I don't have the fumes or

leaking problems anymore.


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