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There's someone that goes by ZandZXMan or maybe it's just ZXMan. He was in the NE part of the country a couple years ago then moved to Texas. I used to have his website bookmarked and now I can not find it for the life of me. I've searched this site as well as the web with no luck. Does anyone here have the URL?

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i don't know him, but i found a screenshot of his site which showed a link to the Dallas Z Club. you might try emailing them and seeing if they know him:


i also found an address in Round Rock, TX that's associated with the ZXMan name:

3945 Eagles Nest St, Round Rock, TX 78665

here's a line i found on japanesenostalgiccar.com:

"Hit up zxman.com - 512-786-6451 - Mark"

i hope all this helps you :)

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You guys rock!! I knew his site was something like zxman.com and thought maybe I was just remembering incorrectly since I couldn't find him.

I knew that he had moved to Round Rock a few years ago...my office in located there.

saridout - the phone number is great! I'll give him a call next week.

Thank you all for the help.

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hey texas, just wondering if you ever had any luck finding that guy...

I did!! He ended up posting a craigslist ad to which I responded and through a couple of exchanges I asked if he was ZXMan and it was! :) Just luck really.

He said he had been out of town and things had fallen apart such as his website...he's working on getting things back on track though.

I'll probably be seeing him in the near future to get a couple parts.

All this just happened this past Friday too!!

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