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Collectors Alert - could be worth checking out


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Ok ye people of "half empty glasses" do you really think a 39 yr old battery would still be in working order. It was probably taken out for storage and kept for originality and the "red top" bought to help awaken the Z from its slumber. Just because the red top is in the picture, doesn't mean the other isn't available. (for show purposes of course) :rolleyes:

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From the Seattle craigslist, here's the verbage:

"i am posting this for my buddy it is a 1971 datsun 240z and let me just say i have seen the car it is amazing garaged and never really driven since 1976. 19,500 original miles fully documented original everything even the original battery and tires. very hard to find another one out there that is even comparable i have spent a couple hours online looking still have not found one as original and low miles. serious people only please no tire kickers. the pictures arent that good taken at night with flash can provide better pics soon"

Ad pictures posted below, actual ad linked here:


Legal stuff - I don't know the seller, it's not my car, don't know if the claims are accurate, etc., etc.

Gary S.





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Hey Arne,

Did the Series II '71's have the diverter on the horn of the air cleaner

for the carb pre-heater? I was under the impression that those began

with the '72 model year.............


Yes, the Summer/Winter flap was present on the later '71s, and perhaps even on some of the late Series 1 cars. My understanding is that the flap was added to all cars that had the 1971 emission sticker under the hood. If so, my earliest parts car (12746, 10/70) probably came with the flapper air cleaner since it had the '71 emissions tag. But the original air cleaner for that car was long gone by the time I bought it, so I can't confirm that. My red car (37705, 7/71) does have the flap, and it is the original.
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Back on topic - have any NW Washingtonians seen this car in person?

Well, the listing says the car hasn't really been driven since 1976, so I doubt anyone would know about it. I have never heard of it, but I am sure there are still lots of Z's stashed in people's garages that we are unaware of. I hope it has at least been started and warmed up or driven for short distances over the years. In my opinion, it would have to be perfect and 100% original (original paint, uncracked dash, etc) to command the price the seller is asking, especially in this economy. If it has been sitting and needs some work I don't think he will come close to that price. I already have too many Z's, so I am not interested, but if anyone else is seriously interested I would be glad to check it out for them.


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I wrote him a note requesting additional pictures - taken with good light. He claims that he has kept the car stowed inside for many years and is concerned that it could attract undesirable attention if taken outside for photos.... who knows.

It doesn't really matter since I found out the price anyway - too rich for me.

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