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New Ztherapy Carbs!


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After 2.5 weeks of waiting, my new carbs have arrived!

I decided recently that I needed to kick start things with the Z and do something to get me excited about working on the Z again (although the sun coming out really helps lately), so I called up Ztherapy and ordered a new set of carbs and a new balance tube.

Next week is dead week and finals the week after that, so it's likely that I won't be swapping anything till spring break. Until then I'll just have to enjoy looking at these beauties.






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Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents, to toot ZTherapy's horn. I installed mine about 2 years ago and at one point, assuming I had a mixture problem due to a slight hesitation around 3,800, I messed with the float level last summer. :finger: Some of you probably saw the thread. Well as I found out this weekend, I had a timing/advance problem all along, and in "adjusting" my carbs, I did more harm than good.

So, while still thinking I had a fuel issue, I send Bruce a direct email last week, hoping for some guidance. Bruce emailed me several times (during the weekend) to offer suggestions. After realizing I probably screwed the carbs up when I adjusted them, I went back, started over, took my time, and reset everything to baseline (float at .55" and screws at 2-1/2). I put the float level back to factory specs, set the mix to 2-1/2 turns, and the car started right up. A few tweaks (back carb is at 3-1/4 turns, front at 2-3/4) the cars runs beautifully.

Rather than working methodically, I just started messing with stuff last year, and made a mess of my fuel mixture. Thanks to a lot of patience from Bruce, I worked it out over the weekend.

Thanks Bruce and Steve for a great product, and for the help.

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<b>UPDATE: </b>Hey guys, so I've had some car trouble recently, in addition to being swamped with school and the Automotive X-Prize competition. Just got back from 2 weeks in Brooklyn, MI only to have a week of mid-terms :)

I've gotta replace the clutch slave and rebalance the carbs because something is out of whack now. She starts REAL rich and doesn't want to run without choke. So i'll sort that out.

<b>Ztherapy makes a great product, just be sure to use their included return label!</b> I didn't and my core ended up in post office limbo for 2 weeks. If you have any questions about your order, etc, don't hesitate to ask Bruce or Pam as they are very helpful.





I'll update again with pics/video/more info when I get things straightened out.

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