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BRE at the Mitty in 2010

Ron Carter

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Put it on your calendar! BRE is coming to the Mitty!!

April 29-May 2 – Road Atlanta – Braselton, GA

Featured marques at the 2010 Mitty will be Lotus and the BRE Datsuns.

Stay tuned for more details, coming soon.

We are starting to work on details to bring out a couple of cars from the west coast!

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Hi Ron:

Yes - I talked to the guys at Grassroots/Classic Motorsports a week or two before this years Mitty - as I was trying at the last minute to make arrangements to get the Z up there - - at my age/with my health I don't like putting anything off for a month, let alone a year...

Anyway - we talked about 2010 being for BRE - and I told them I'd do whatever I could to help put them in touch with with Mr. Mason and son etc.

At least one of the BRE 510's is still supposed to be in Georgia somewhere - it was still being raced a few years ago. I talked to several guys a few years ago, when I was tracking down/ verifying the Monise roadster here in Florida.

Until I found it - the owner of the 46 car thought it was the 44 car. I notified Rob that his history was wrong... I verified it was the 44 car after a discussion with John Morton about the technical details of the car. I was located near Orlando at that time.

One of the guys in South Florida bought it and raced it for a time... Then it was shipped out to Les for restoration.. So it will be great to see it again...


Carl B.

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Adam now owns that car and Les has his work cut out for him to get that car ready in a year for the mitty.

Talked to Gayle and Peter, they have asked me to bring my BRE Replcia Z car out as well. So We will see what can be done. I would like to bring Gerry Mason Sr's roadster out too (my 67.5 2000 is Gerry's first Datsun race car).

So we will see what we can do.


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It's not just the cars, it is the guys too. All the BRE guys will be going as well.

We have had the luxury of these guys getting together on the west coast. I think this will be a first for all the guys together on the east coast. It will be pretty special.

It would be cool to resurrect the old Nissan tent at RA with several of the cars under the tent...

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