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1972 240Z - Correct wiper blade assembly


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Hello all,

My wiper blades that I've had on my 03/72 built 240z had finally given out (the blade insert), and I decided that since the blade assembly had a little damage anyway (one of the underside tabs was partially snapped off), I would order some new ones.

I searched the forums and found several references to the "correct" part number being B6370-E4100. I searched that part number on Courtesy's site, and ordered them for about $15 each. There was no picture, it just had the generic cardboard box image they use.

The new blade assembly (pictured on the car in the attached image) doesn't have the smooth front that the old ones had (pictured on my desk)... I think the old ones look much more elegant, and I always assumed they were the original deal.

Can anyone provide some proof of which is the "original" type?

Also, the E4100 part number differs from the one Courtesy lists as the "real" replacement, B6370-00001. The price is ever so slightly lower for that part, and I could tell from the photo on the site that they were not the same:


This is why I went with the sight-unseen part listed here by other members. The E4100 assembly is not listed anywhere, and can only be found by searching for the part number.


The picture on the left (mounted on the car) is the replacement part, as sold by Courtesy.

The picture on the right (on my desk) is the part I had mounted previously, which is apparently NOT OEM.



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The picture on the Left is the correct and original. That part has more than likely been superceded to a newer replacement. Nissan supplies the newer part, even if you use the old part number - as long as the newer part supplies the same form, fit and function. Cosmetic details aside.

You might - just might - find a New Old Stock {NOS} pair on E-Bay, or you might find very good used replacements.


Carl B.

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Thanks Carl, I edited my original post for clarity. The ones on the left (mounted on the car) are the ones I got from Courtesy. Assuming the left-right picture order is the same on your computer, I guess I now have the OEM style part, which is good.

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yes - the picture on the Left is the original - and I'm glad to see you could still get new one's. Now we just have to make sure that someone still offers the rubber replacement blades that fit/work...

If you take the wiper arms off - it might be a good time to go ahead and take the cowel panel off - and clean/grease the entire drive assembly. Amazing how much that improves the preformance of the windshield wipers


Carl B.

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A few months back I replaced my blades in my OEM wipers. I just took one of them with me to my trusty parts store and showed the parts guy what I had and he came up with the blades. Done no problem.

Like Carl , I am surprised to see the wiper is still available.


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Carl's right, could have been superseded at some time point. Do the covers come off your old wiper blades? They look like they're spot welded. If they clip on, maybe you can swap the old covers to the new blades?

Both of those blades look different from the ones on my 73

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