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I'm definitely one of the 'second generation' youngsters around here, clocking in at 22.

I first heard of the Z when I was on vacation with my family in northern Minnesota, and tradition demanded that every year I build a model.

Now in the years previous, I'd done a '69 charger, '55 Nomad, '68 Thunderbird, and that particular year the hardware store had very few options as far as models of cars were concerned. However, one did manage to catch my eye, and that was a model of a Datsun 240z. It was the coolest thing they had, so that's what I got.

The picture on the box was orange, but immediately I knew this was a car that would be better in silver. I never finished that model. My dad remembered the cars though, having mentioned something about there being a 'better' version that came out afterward, the '280z'

Fast forward a few more years to my last month of highschool.

My mother and I were driving back from school (I didn't have my own car at this point), to get my sister (from middle school, gross) and on the corner I saw a gleaming red 280z. Encouraged by my mother (for whatever reason), I checked it out and wrote down the phone number.

The next thing I did was come here!

With advice and and things to look out for, I examined the car a second time and walked away from the deal-totally disappointed, having realized that thing was rusting to pieces.

I graduated, got some money, then began my search for a 280z ... I even looked at a 280zx too, but just two months after my first encounter, I found my silver '76 280z .... with just 83,000 original miles... and I've had her ever since.

The guy before me was not a Z-nut, so I've managed to fix a few minor nuisances in the mean time... but yeah, that's my story.

I hope I can have more Z's in the future, even possibly a Datsun roadster!

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I'm definitely one of the 'second generation' youngsters around here,.......
What does that mean? I thought 'second generation' referred to someone like myself whose parents were born in another country.
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What does that mean? I thought 'second generation' referred to someone like myself whose parents were born in another country.

Oh, I had no idea it could mean that actually. I just meant that there are 'first generation' Z-owners (i.e. people who were of age, or close to being of age when the cars were produced) ... and 'second generation' (the 'children' of the generation that was of age).

...so Baby Boomers vs. Gen Y maybe?

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I am 19, bought my car at 15 after falling madly in love with a local mechanics silver 240z. I set my heart on his but at 15 years old his $5000.00 price tag killed the dream. so i became a pro at ebay and bought 1973 online for $500. I got what I paid for at the time but I have also been re-paid ten fold by the memories I have with my father working on it and all the rides. It's no show room car but it is my most prized possession and I would rather die in my car than sell it or crash it. It is quite possibly the most obnoxious shade of grabber orange but I fell in love with it and no one could talk me out of it. My car sort of defines me, it's got its quirks but its got way more personality than most can deal with at one time...

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I am 41 now, here is a short sinopsis of my Datsun endeavor

@16 I got my first Datsun (1200 Sedan) but got stolen

@19 I got a 70 510 which was impounded by mistake and never recovered! (had it for over 10 years

@28 I got an 87 Sentra, which was featured on the Low Rider magazine! It got totaled parked outside my house!

@30 I got a 1998 Altima, which I still drive!

@32 I got an 87 Maxima

and @39 I got a 74 260Z as a b-day present!

I have always been around Datsuns/Nissans! An now more than ever I'm hooked on my Z!

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I was borned in April 1st, 1976. 33 now and in love with the Datsuns since 1983 when my dad purchased the 260C (Cedric 230 GX) from 1973. I own a 1980 ZX since 2005 and i love it, now it´s stripped waiting for the paint.


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Probably the oldest among us at 64 11/12 years. Bought my Z 15 April '70. 00721. Drove the literal dog crap out of it. Sold it in '77 with the provision that if it ever came up for sale, I had the right of first refusal. Well, it did, and I bought it back in 2007. It's now a pristine show car with liberal track hours. I know, that's a dichotomy, but it's nice. The keys will only leave "my cold, dead hands."

And like another poster said, it's like I'm 26 again...my happy place.

BTW, check out www.texaszparty.com for information about Texas' Z owners having a big shindig at MSR-Houston on Father's day weekend.


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I'm the new guy on the block but I've been a car nut, and motorcycle nut for a long time. I am 28, 29 in the next month or so.

At 17, I bought my first car, my 1970 Camaro with money I made working for marie calenders. I finally sold it a couple years ago when I graduated college. It needed too much to fix the cancer and I wasn't in to spending the money on it. I do admit I miss that car, but it went to a loving home.

When I bought my Honda a couple years ago, my Toyota became my next project. I bought myself a 110 MIG welder and taught myself to weld. It's still in process (need gears and front axle shafts) but I'm doing a solid axle swap on it. Essentially cut off the front independent suspension and weld on leaf springs for a solid front axle :)

My '73 is my long awaited return to classic cars and rear wheel drive. It doesn't hurt these things do pretty well on gas. Sidedrafts are new to me and learning is half the fun for me

-lover of all things mechanical

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I see that this post is rather old... but what the hell.. Im 19 and just bought my first car. A 1976 280z. Best decsion i ever made! I love working on it and the whole experience is a lot of fun. I get a lot of help from my dad so thats really nice.. Well take care everyone! Good luck with future cars/projects!!


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I'm 21, for the third time! When I get in my '70, rev it to 5k and side step the clutch I''m back on the first time around!

Bought my '71 back in '73. Most fun car I ever owned. After the older kids were in college I set out and found my #4884. I drove her home from So Cal to Reno and got a big smile and wink from a young girl. A little rusty and beat up and I've been working on her ever since. I now own 4 Zs and my '77 is almost ready for paint.


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I'm 53.

First Z was a new 1974, 260z (gold)--sold in 78

Second Z was a new 1978, 280z (silver) (5spd)--sold in 86

Third Z is a 1977, 280z (brown #301)(5spd)--bought in 2002 with 29k mi, currently 53k mi

Many moderate upgrades including 260 deg cam, Crane HI-6 ignition, 16" Panasports with Toyo TR1s, rear disc brakes, 2.25" stainless exhaust, Tokico shocks with stock springs, heavier sway bars, new bushings all around

Runs great. I've taken it to the big track at Mosport 5 or 6 times with great success!




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Methinks we've been here once before.

With Ken at 76 years young, that puts me in second place at 66, (going on 25).

I bought my "Precious" in 2000. She who must be obeyed spotted her in a used car yard in Brisbane, pointed it out to me and it was love at first sight.

"Precious" had been well looked after by her original owner, (I'm the 2nd owner), so she only needed refreshing. I had her painted in her original #301 and, on my SWMBO'd suggestion, she was given a top coat of Gold Pearl which really makes her glitter in the sunlight.

Fortunately, I've recently found a mechanic who did his apprenticeship on Zeds and worked on them for years, so "Precious" will be given a short rest from dodging angry 4x4's and other jealous drivers while I get some work done on her.



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ZIII.....Is that your 51? I had a friend in Wadley ,Georgia who had a 51, a bearcat and two B-26's. WE used to tease him that all he needed was to find a weak country!!!

How I wish the 51 were mine.... unfortunately not.....

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It asked for a quick reply. Well, this will be way too quick to get into any detail.

I was born 5 days before Pearl Harbor was bombed, you do the math. But that

didn't affect my eventual choice of where my car was manufactured, because in

the meantime I had several cars (VW's and Karmann Ghias mostly) which were

made in Germany and Italy, who were also on the other side in the War and also

the nations of my ancestors.

Eventually in early '71 I totaled my '69 Bug and the prices of VW's just having

gone up dramatically, I had to settle for "one of those cheap Japanese pieces of

tin," which was the reputation at that time. I had in mind for a 1200 hatchback

or a 510 2-door, but when I saw that orange Ferrari-looking car in the left rear

corner of the showroom, I had to have it. Long story short, after great debate

with the salesman, the sales manager, and the owner (in that order), I jumped

over about 20 people who had placed deposits and were on a waiting list. I got

the "leftover" '70 that they were keeping for display. I still have my "cheap Japanese piece of tin" to this day, and it has been anything but.

I have always been interested in low VIN's since a friend of mine had XKE #38

since new. I decided to be alert to opportunities to see how low a VIN Z I could

find, and found a beauty in Aug '73. I then outdid that in Aug '76 and now I have nowhere else to go.

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I was born 5 days before Pearl Harbor was bombed...
An interesting tie in to that rather long winded response is that the attack on Pearl Harbor was referred to as Operation Z, by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters.

Regardless, that post wasjq6ij4.gif

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I am 19 years young!

Bought my first Z (and my first car) just four shorts months ago. Found my 1976 280z on craigslist, it was love at first sight! I live in southern NH, drove up to Campton NH with a trailer and my younger brother (17) to get the old Fairlady. I look forward to working on this car, and being its owner, for years to come!

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Well I am 24, so far i have owned a 75 280z, and most recently a 240z. cars before that included a 88 toyota pickup, 93 bronco, 69 chevy truck. I saw a 280z roll down the street a few years back, and it just looked so beautiful, and then i saw the video of the supercharged lt1 on youtube. I have been hooked since. Other than the z cars, i own a toyota tacoma double cab 4x4, and a mazda six as the grocery getter. parting out the 75, building the 72.

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Im 25 yrs. This 72-Z is my fifth car, others were -81 b310 4d (still got it), Cherry(sold, was a piece of $^!#), Volvo 740STW (sold) and Volvo 940STW(daily driver).

Now the "second" generation has started to import more and more Z's. I know many "first" generation dudes who were drooling for Z's in seventies and now we youngsters got their dream cars. Crude.

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I'm 25 this year and long story short, I first saw the Ralph Lauren's Ferrari 250GTO in a museum and fell in love. Of course I can't afford it so I looked at the factory five type 65 kit car, still too expensive and was giving up hope. Luckily a friend of mine has a 300zx and brought me to the Z meet in Texas and saw the 240Z and I fell in love. Searched on Craigslist/Ebay/ any car websites you can think of for over a year. Couldn't find a 240Z so I went to look at 280Z. I went to this house with the listing for a 280z and saw a 240Z, 260Z in pieces, and 2 280Z at that place. 280Z couldn't start and since I drove more than 2 hours to look at it, the owner felt bad so I ask if he was selling the 240Z. He agrees after a bit and the rest is history (4 months old and more historic moments to come).

I guess the story wasn't as short as I thought.. sorry fellas

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I thank I might be the youngest z collector on here I'm 18 I'll be 19 on may of 2010 I've had 8 cars 7 nissan's 4 z's and 1 hyundai. My 1st car was a nissan maxima from 91 and fell in love with nissans and my 5th was my first z it was a 03 350z and I sold that and now I own a 96 300zx tt,84 300zx AE, and a 78 280z. So yea I go to highschool and work at subway alot. That's pretty much my story

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^^ Haha damn that's alot of cars for your (our) age.

I'm 20, bought my 71 240z last summer, towed it over from the west coast of FL to Miami, and got it barely running before I had to leave for school. I'm going back home now and hopefully with some elbow grease this winter it will be roadworthy!

Previously had an 87 supra, and an 87 Mr2, so I've been a Toyota guy, but damn..the 240z is sexy.

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Well, I guess that I fall in the middle. I am 45 and got my first Z in when I was 20, it was a Silver 1978 Coupe. My next one was a 1981 ZX Turbo, I then took custody of my girlfriend's 1979 ZX. Got married to the girlfriend, sold my Z's for closing costs on a house. I promptly found another Blue 1978 coupe which is what my wife calls the "2800 lb. Mistress" and a parts car that turned out to be a Black Pearl. One thing though, since my wife was a "Z Chick" back in the day, I rarely get hastled about buying goodies for my mistress.

-Andrew (ZCurves)

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28 this past November.

My first car was a '92 Saturn Mistake which I bought at 16. After blowing two engines out of it, I didn't own a vehicle until my junior year of college, a Volvo 850 turbo. Around this time, I moved to Indianapolis, and got to meet my neighbors who were both working on SR-20 swapped 240sx cars. Went to a couple of events with them, then started to get the bug. Wound up getting a 2005 Sentra S when the Volvo needed some hefty repairs.

The bug took a couple of years to develop. Really liked my Sentra for what it is, and developed a taste for Nissans. But, I have a appreciation for the 60s-70s cars, too. After researching cars for a while, I basically narrowed my choice in cars to pursue to 67-73 Mustangs, or a S30 2+2. After going on a car cruise through the hills in southern central Indiana, I decided to go for the better handling of the two.

After watching the online sites for months, I discovered a 280z in Oklahoma (over 600 miles from home) that fit my budget, and looked like a really good deal for the price. Convinced one of my friends to bring his truck, borrowed a trailer from another friend, and made the trip.

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