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Hiya! How's the Z Forum been - Long time

Victor Laury

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Hey folks! Have you all been good Datsun fiends? It's been a long time. I kinda miss you all.

I thought of the classic Z forum today, when I bought the latest Vintage auto Vol. 14. They had an article on the MSA show and featured some very familar faces.

Just stopping by to say 久しぶりですね? Long time, no see.

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...o kaeri nasai!

It means "Welcome Home" in the most familiar fashion.


I've been buisy with work, which stepped up a couple notches the last year or so. Had/Have some helth issues which I'm getting under control. Drive Datsuns of course!

I've been collecting Nostalgic Heros - Lots of ebay purchases from Japan. Just 32 more ussues to complete the set! Don't ask how much I've spent. I fear the accounting, so I avoid adding it up!

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Welcome back...nice to see you back on board. I know a guy who in Redondo who wanted to sell me a complete collection of Nostalgic Heros for $250 I don't know if he sold them or not...you might know the guy. I was reviewing a Hero last night wishing I could read it. I am looking forward to JCCS this year at its new location. Hope your health issues have worked themselves out and that you are on the road to recovery.

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G'Day Vic,


I had an email from another long lost "brother" recently; Tanny. He's had some health issues as well.

There's a few lost souls we're missing. Wonder what's happened ???.

Anyway, as I said, Welcome home.



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I figured your last Iron Bottom run shook something important loose!

That, or you got some bad(or maybe waaaay too much-if there is such a thing) imported beer!

Anyway, glad to see you were able to get the right wrench from ebay to tighten what ever it was that shook loose.

Can't attach a wave file-so here, sing this aloud so who ever is close enough to hear will catch a nostalgic moment if they are old enough, if they aren't old enough, well, they probably already excuse some of your behaviors anyway, what's one more!

Welcome back, Your wheel collection was your ticket out,

Welcome back

it's the same old place that you laughed about,

some of the names have changed since you hung around,

But those cars have remained then they've turned around,

Who'd of thought they'd needja

Who'd of thought they'd needja

Back here where we needja

Back here where we needja

Yea we tease him a lot cause we've got him on the spot, Welcome back

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back,

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, WELCOME BACK!!


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Dam, I know all these people! Thanks. No, It wasn't the Iron Bottom, not it could have been the shock from the announcement that this year's event was the Last Iron bottom.

Installing a windsheild in the 510 this weekend - and I think the roadster needs a dusting.

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