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  1. ...On the driver's side... ...Passenger's... Both buried under the dash as shown, discovered while I was attempting to get the heater blower motor working again (isn't the motor itself btw, now suspecting bad selector lever?) Anyway, I'm puzzled as to what the above do... I can indeed "push" and "pull" them, and when pushed or pulled they appear to block air flow out of a slot, and when in the middle air can freely exit that slot... Which seems a bit useless, and as the heater blower motor still doesn't work, it's harder to tell in practice what their function must be, doesn't seem to be in any manuals, I'd love to hear what they do :laugh: ...Also, extra credit... In this bundle of wires in the passenger footwell on the tunnel, the red and green lead to connectors which have been pulled and taped in that way to the harness... My theories are that they either lead at one point to the cat/floor lights, or is it possible that these are a holdover from the 74MY when they might have been a part of the won't-start-unless-your-seatbelt-is-fastned system? Thanks!
  2. Welcome, red one is gorgeous I'd remove the whaletail, and then never touch it (except for maybe an L28ET, if it doesn't already )
  3. Yeah, the "gumdrop" phase was left behind by any car purporting to be stylish about ten years ago... Most recent designs have displayed BMW-esque "flaming" and overwrought angularity that makes me think more of the 1970s than the 80s or 90s. The 911 isn't really a 911 anyway, and as the model name is carried on only for recognition, it makes sense to keep the shape is as well... I'd be open to a new, radical Porsche that didn't look like a 911, but yeah it seems as if Porsche is similarly scared of having any cars at all NOT look like a 911... Sedans and SUVs included. I'm still very happy that Nissan hasn't gone too retro... I'd say the Z has been faring pretty well design-wise over the years. Let's not forget that it almost had a 4 cylinder and looked like this:
  4. ...I clicked just about all of them. But was the only person to click one for the mileage option, . Ideally I'd have my 280, a lime 240 with an L28ET, and an orange one with an RB25det (just because that's really the only way to have that engine in CA, ). Both otherwise stock looking, maybe with ZG flares I'd love a 510 but would rather a 610 coupe, for the swishier, more feminine look... And a B210 or 710 with an SR20, just to be ridiculous, just as a base for the engine. Could see myself in a 350, but not before a Z32 TT... I'd have an early Infiniti Q for a family car, likely. Any classic Skyline, Silvia etc... Pulsar GTiR... But I think if I had my choice of bringing anything over from the JDM side, it would probably be one of these...
  5. Ehh, I want to see it in a few other colors and whatnot. Still think the useless side window and GTR-esque A pillar peak are the worst parts of it, but then again other elements of the car are so much more detailed and considered than the 350, which I always thought was a great looking car... The best parts of the 370 though seem most easily noticed next to the 350. The bulges are awkwardly implemented IMO, I'll still miss the 350 in a few ways, but it's hard to hate the 370 when it really isn't much of a departure at all.
  6. Haha, the swastikas aren't ever to my taste, nor are kits, but it's the right color and looks smooth as hell... I'd love that car. What are the plans for the rear bumper? I'd continue the mesh motif in the upper grille to make things match up. Looks great
  7. I really wish I could dismantle the emblems on the Z to the point where they just said "YO". That's really the only advantage Toyota ownership gives.
  8. I'm opting out, I'm proud enough having had my 280 on the cover last time, not that there is a call for them I'm surprised at the omission of any model Silvia at any rate, and think that when you compare the (admittedly debatable) cultural significance of the car in Japan and the US, the 240/Silvia probably has greater qualifications than the 350 to be on that top four; not that the 350 is a bad car, but it hasn't quite had the revolutionary impact of the Silvia or the others on the list. A good car for sure, but mostly as a dose of conventional retro relative to what other Zs offered. Looking forward to the issue to see how that's addressed
  9. ...I like that. It makes up for all the people who replace Z engines with American V8s. Right color too. I saw a T Bucket with a President V8 once, awesome in a similar vain.
  10. ...haha. Most gearheads happen to be Republican, and at least a few other threads here cued me in to that a bit. Granted, enthusiasts of classic Japanese cars might be a bit less than traditional in that or any other regard, but... It doesn't really matter, other than the fact that no one really seems to be engaging in the common idiom in threads such as this, involving gloating/whining.
  11. If you want to invest, get into stocks or currencies. If you want to drive/work on a car, buy a car. All things equal, you'll probably get a better return on the stock market than foolishly being certain of your car's future value. For sentimental objects like that, there's no telling what the market will do... In twenty or thirty years it's hard to know the state of cars powered by gasoline in general, so... It's just too impossible with stuff like this to tell what will go up and keep its value.
  12. The worst bits of the GTR DNA (actually a better looking car in person) are the stupid peak on the A pillar, which makes the side profile look awful... I LOVE the 350's design, and even though I miss certain elements of it (the cleanliness, the Z32 style quarter windows as opposed to the useless, awkward ones here), every time I see a new pic, I see how much more of a detailed, thoughtful design it is from the Z33 So I think it ties... Then again, it's hard for me to like cars in silver so... Can't wait to see new pics. ...They totally should make a lower displacement, turbo model... And call it the 280Z, lulz.
  13. Phone calls and whatnot? God, it must suck to live in a battleground state I've never had a single piece of campaign material directed at me personally, in CA I only saw a handful of ads in the first place (all for Obama, actually). Then again I'm not big on TV, then again I only watch cable when I do... Anyway, I'm glad to see that no one seems to be taking the bait for controversy in this thread, I'm sure most people on this board supported McCain, which means that a great many people who have the potential to whine about this are in fact being honorable and, like all of us, watching to see what Obama can do.
  14. . While any one of those four might catastrophically happen a few times in a given decade, I feel more secure here than being subject to the near annual certainty of hurricane (Or for that matter, I feel more secure with enduring any of the above rather than enduring snow, as applies to other geographical locales ) Though I occasionally get Phoenix envy, nice town that has everthing, but a bit too isolated from everywhere else... In any case, I'm not a huge fan of the 370's design as compared to the 350 (which I thought was gorgeous), but it's growing on me and I might just show up for whatever they do with it. I'd at least like to see it in some better colors.
  15. ...I may not have been concieved in a Z (actually I've never asked), but moving up a stage to birth, my mom was driven to the hospital in a 260Z, . (That had to have induced labor...) Though I was brought home from the hospital in a Ford Tempo, so... I'd rather go to Vegas and then get married IN my Z. And then get a divorce, in my Z
  16. ...Purely speculative and to further my curiosity/knowledge, as I don't plan on doing it to my car, but will the taillight surround from a 2+2 (with the two little fake vents) interchange with a two seater? Always thought it was an interesting look at any rate... Only recently discovered that it was stock to 2+2s rather than aftermarket
  17. ...Impressive, even though deer aren't a danger here (not much bigger than lizards, rabbits and roadrunners, and thankfully they don't get to bumper height), in this area other drivers are the ones who typically push for your extinction, though good to know they're deer safe :bandit: Despite many citing the ugliness that the safety bumper has imposed on automotive design even up to this decade, new bumpers seem more deficient than the old, stiff chrome 70s monsters as the 280 has (which I've heard were often designed to withstand 10, 15, or even 20mph impacts, in anticipation of pending stricter regulation which never came)... And even if the modern bumpers do protect the car's structure, it hardly matters if you then have to pay over $1000 to replace/repaint/repair the painted cover, bumper structure etc. ...Well look at it this way. Your car is a 76, and at least doesn't have the biggest, most monstrous bumpers. Though I go back and forth between which 280 bumper actually looks best...
  18. ...Totally with you on hating the look of air dams, thanks for not cutting apart another 280 Only sort of with you on stock bumper hating, they're ugly, but do provide much more protection, and they're also unique and make your car stand out a bit... It's a period look Though it's hard to blame you for wanting the earlier bumpers... But really, what puts me over the edge on keeping mine is that they provide much, much more protection (than the 240 bumpers, which give nearly none).
  19. The orange one is truly gorgeous... The first thing I'd do is add bumper guards, it's a shame so many of these don't have them I REALLY like the tube/mesh grilles on those.
  20. Personally I think gas prices SHOULD go up, to encourage the development of alternative transportation... We can't stick on oil forever. For many liberals, that's what is seen before anything. Then we won't have to drill for oil, and oil prices should go down (Yes, I'd be fine with adapting an electric engine to my Z) IMO things like welfare and the government aiding the poor aren't the policies that have weakened the American economy... Those are simply things necessary on a humanitarian level. Does everyone who receives the benefits of those programs deserve them? Do some? Who's to judge? The government's interventions into economy and industry in general have been far more negative in the long run, in terms of screwing the country up. In a way perhaps, that's the most right wing thing that could possibly be said, but lately it seems that trying to come up with zany ways to "protect" American industries, consumers, whatever have been the domains of the Republicans just as much as the Democrats. And none of those things is ever good in the short, let alone long run. I can't trust the opinions, on an equal humanitarian level, of someone with the "kill em all" mentality. The notion that all money going to the middle east sponsors terrorism is a bit iffy... Worst case scenario, the Arabs have enough money to buy up US industry and control us. So what? At that point, we can threaten a freeze on their assets, and then where will they be. Our economic influence is and has been our greatest weapon. It got rid of the Soviets after all. Is the Republican party out to use scare tactics that make people think that we have to cut programs for the social good, elect McCain, and bomb the hell out of the middle east, or suffer some horrible fate? And ok, if we did that... would we still have honor? There are more logical ways to envision an efficient economy, though perhaps the spectrum of changes that must take place are too much for some. As for "rich" people on this forum... My last car was a Lotus Esprit, so you can imagine the incomes of people there (though mine is nowhere near the level of some of those people... yet ) and it was more liberal than this. Someone add commentary.
  21. Realistically I can't vote for McCain/Palin. Because in my mind it will have been better to regret something I did than something I didn't do, even if Obama/whoever it was again? bombs. I don't know about other places, but if we're going to talk about who compares to the common man/woman in SoCal, it's not anyone who's a republican (ok, MAYBE it is in the Inland Empire...) And I have to say, I don't care for guns, I do care about the environment etc... my only concession to being a redneck is car love... And then they're Japanese I'd vote for the correct Republican, in fact I'm registered as one. But McCain isn't it, though Obama isn't much closer (to someone I'd vote for, that is). If the Republicans fielded a more socially just character who could also carry out a sensible economic agenda (McCain isn't, he's just being all politician about it)... Maybe Obama doesn't have the experience but... I think we owe it to ourselves to give him a try, or we'll regret what might have been.
  22. I'd lament not being able to see the pictures except that I'll probably just swing by tomorrow at some point anyway.
  23. Being an heiress married to a potential president living a playgirl's life drifting around at 54 years of age is an enviable position, even if your husband is John McCain. At least between her and Palin it would keep interesting in the capitol, and entertainment value is really the only thing we should take into account in terms of politicians (I'd say that's why I voted Schwarzenegger, except that the same logic should have applied to me voting for Larry Flynt). Knowing by default that no matter what they say their character is already broken, and that they're a product of society in the first place rather than a determinant or affector of it, I say vote simply for whoever promises the best antics. It worked with Clinton, but I suppose it may be disproved by the fact that endless Bushisms and a vice president who shoots people in the face didn't make anyone any happier (though I think the American public hardly expected any of that...)
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