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300ZX twin turbo or Chevy 350

Bulldog Z

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I have a 73 240Z, and I am debating about swapping my stock engine for a twin turbo 300zx engine or a chevy 350. I like the idea of the twin turbo better, but the 350 is hard to beat as well. What are some of the pros and cons of both engines for the 240z. Has anyone done a similar conversion before?


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Stock 350 will give you more horsepower though the Twin-Turbo can push more power with only an ECU tweak. 350 could take advantage of a ECU tweak, but not like how 2 turbochargers can.




-Overall possible HP. Gains about .5L with just a stroke, more with a bore. -Doesn't say no to turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous.

-More parts available for this motor to custom build it

-parts will be cheaper.

-6-Speed possibilities

-High low end torque numbers


-Going to be heavier


-Harder and more time consuming power mods



-Easy power mods

-Cheaper power mods

-Turbo PSI increase with an ECU or boost controller

-High end power



-I hear these motors are pains to fit in


-Turbo Lag

-No low end torque

These are just some of the stuff that I can think of off the top of my head. I would probably pick the Twin-Turbo. I would like the V8, and keep it stock as working on power increases on these, I wouldn't want to have to do every time. This is why I would get the Twin-Turbo. Spend a few hundred on a handful of times, get the job done in just an afternoon and have up to an 80hp increase.

I would look into the RB26. Its a Twin-Turbo 2.6L with just about the same power as the 3.0L V6 Twin-Turbo, and the RB25 has more stock potential with or without stock parts then the 3.0L. I also think that they are both the same prices online.

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If I was to do a swap to something other than the L28, an RB26DETT sounds like a great way to go. I've seen pictures of some well done swaps at the RB26DETT looks quite at home. Of your other choices the 350 swap seems to be a tired and true way to go for many people. However, http://www.hybridz.org is the best place for advice on swaps and how well they have worked for others. I've no plans to swap for my current project, but a RB26DETT in a highly modified second project might be a future possibility.

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I will second (third, fourth, fifth-whatever) the RB suggestion.

Since it is straight six, it will allow you to keep that much desired space to work in your engine bay (something that is bemoaned by VG owners), as well as having mechanicals that you are probably somewhat accustomed to.

You would still be keeping the car Nissan, and I've always felt that the RB line was (is) the natural successor to our venerable L series.


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Depends on the 350. I have seen a lot of people doing LS1/LS2 swaps into early Z's and I gotta tell ya, it looks amazing and the power they put out is hard to beat. Drop in a 325hp LS1 from a Camaro or Firebird THEN turbocharge or supercharge it. Thats gonna run miles around the 300ZXTT motor. The LS1 also looks right at home in there. If I were doing a swap like that, Id go GM all the way.

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My only comment, and then I will stay out of it, is that around this part of the country people swap small block Chevys into EVERYTHING... There is nothing wrong with a SBC. It is a good engine (for a push-rod design, arguably the best), but they are so generic and common that it (in my opinion) detracts from the "special-ness" of having a Datsun in the first place.

For example, I took my 240Z to a car show here in town today. There were 230+ cars in the show (one Japanese car... mine) and I bet that at least 40% of those cars had a small block Chevy engine, regardless of the "brand" of the car. In the parking lot where I was parked there were 7 Ford coupes of various years, from 1930 to 1942. EVERY one of them had a SBC in the engine bay.

The SBC swap thing is so common here that I keep waiting for one of my neighbors to stuff one in his garden tractor.

But, after all my hot air on the subject, it is YOUR car. Do what you want with it and don't take any lip from anyone, including me.

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SBC would easily be the cheaper way to go... but I don't understand trying to stay cheap w/a Z.

Cheap with a Z? Say it isn't so...................................'cause it isn't LOL

And Congrats on the historic 1000th post, Nate.

Cheers (gulp, gulp)

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