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Online tire purchase experience?


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I did consider the 205/60x14 in Sumitomo's but the difference in wheel diameter was a concern. According to Tire Rack, there would be a 6 mph difference between the two, and I didn't really want to deal with that.

And as for the speed rating, sure higher would be nicer, but I don't race the car, so I figure that a top sustainable speed of 118 mph will do fine.

On top of that, these are all season tires that will be doing snowy(ish) mountain driving, so grip and overall traction outweigh top end performance.

I have Z rated tires (Kuhmo) on the M roadster (in Florida), and those things are great, unless there is a hint of frost (car lived in Taos NM for a bit) or a fair amount of rain.

But at 135 mph you feel glued to the road...LOL

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Similar to what some folks are suggesting, I don't think buying tires online can save you that much money. My local tire shop is actually one of the best around where I live. They will never scratch my rims (sometimes they actually take quick pictures of the rims prior to installation if it look like a nicer rim) and the tire prices are very reasonable. Mounting and balancing is included with tire price so the price comes out to be cheaper.

Also there is the hassle of carrying the tires to the shop if they do not allow drop shipping.

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I buy all of my tires online and with having 5-6 vehicles around one of them always seems to need tires. To get around the mounting problem I bought a manual tire mounter and a bubble balancer. For what it would have cost me to have a set done I have the equipment to do it myself. I can mount and balance 4 tires in about an hour.

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Well, I just had my Tire Rack Yokohamas installed yesterday. Things went well, though there were a couple hiccups.

Hiccup one: When I originally contacted the installer about using the "drop service" I told him that I was getting Sumitomos. Later, I discovered that the Sumitomos wouldn't fit my rim so I ordered the Yokohamas. If I had contacted the installer about this change, he could have gotten them through a local source so I wouldn't have incurred the $40 shipping charge. Additionally, tire mounting and balancing would have been $5 per tire rather than $10 per tire.

Also, and this was probably just bad timing more than anything else, was that the shop had only two short and stubby valve stems. Rather than have (a) short stems of unknown age/durability (B) two short stems and two long stems, I ended up with four long stems. Looks kinda dumb. But at least I know they are new.

Let me offer a couple suggestions here for the future:

1. Check with the chosen installer about their ability to get the tire you are looking for before you order online. The price may be cheaper (at the least, it won't be more expensive) and you will benefit from a warranty standpoint.

2. If you want new valve stems, take some with you. Next time, I will most likely bring some stainless stems to the shop for them to install.

BTW- I am very pleased with the Yokohama AVID tires, that extra inch make such a difference in ride, and the difference in grip is amazing!




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Online can save you ton of you get a bundle pack.

I tried to get a set of cheapo Goodyears and the qout from Sears came

back as $400 plus!

And that was fir tires only.

Online for little as $100 more you can get Trires AND Rims.

Not sure if anybody's mentioned this but Wheels NEXT at

http://www.wheelsnext.com/ has some awesome deals ^_^

If you check their ads in Import Tuner and Modified Magizine or even go

online to the site you'll see their wheel and tire packages.

Great prices and These packages include

1~ Free Shipping in US and Canada

2~ With 3 shipping points in California, Tennesse and Florida for fast shipping

3~ Free Balancing / Mounting

5~ Free Intstall Kit (whatever that is)

6~ And Springs???

7~ And No sales tax (except Florida)

According to the ad "No Hidden Fees"

Also a SEMA and BBB member.

I'm thinking of going with them when I get the scratch.


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discounttire.com is a good deal if you don't have one in your state (avoid sales tax). they've always offered free shipping and have an excellent yoko and falken selection. they cost more per tire than tire rack, but i've never got free shipping from tire rack.

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Always had good luck with the following web site for ordering tires. Prices are better than tire rack and you dont have to put up with someone reading answers off a computer screen or trying to upsell you.

Edge racing has some incredible sale prices plus the promise of some crappy gift if ordering before Jan 3rd.

Good luck



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