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Update on the hardline rubber


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As some of you may remember, I posted back in April of this year about investigating having a manufacturing facility in China produce the hardline rubber support bushings for our cars. My wife works in the import/export business and has quite a few factory contacts in China.

I had what I thought were good samples to provide the factories so that moulds could be made. However, the factories told us that the samples were too distorted and that they could not garuantee fitment nor the condition of the final product.

This was 4 weeks ago and I apologize for not responding sooner. I've been completely engrossed in my build and forgot entirely about the issue until now.

I am hoping to track down a good sample set to send back to them and try again, but it may be a while. I am making a hard push to fire up the car by October.

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What is surprising - is that a speciality company can't deal with old samples - an correct as necessary. Sounds like you need to find another supplier or two to check with.

These parts are just too simple...


Carl B.

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I too am sorry to hear things didn't go well, but do appreciate your efforts to date.

These things need to be made and available. Anyone resto/refreshing a Z has a need for them.

What is there that can be done to speed things along?

I have some that are in reasonable shape, but sure don't know if they are perfect enough.

I agree wth Carl about it.....

they are too simple to be critical dimensionally----

Will was chiming in with having a go at making molds-----

Tomohawk may have had the best solution---RTV and "get er dun"

We need someone with a little time on their hands and a persistent streak in their personality to tackle it---Escanlon???!!! where are you!!!!

Jim D.

"Zup" :bunny:

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