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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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Here nSavannah,

You have to dye your hair and skin green, wear green undeware, green socks and shoes, green shirt and shorts, drink green beer from a green mug while in a green boat on a-you guessed it green river-with your green politically correct significantly green significant other!

We are expecting 700,000 green visitors to adopt our green city for this green weekend of green beer and Green everything else!

I will be watching for the Girls Gone Green cameras!

A green weekend to all!


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zhead, I moved your thread to the front page news area and added a little icon so that it shows up on the top. Hope you don't mind... :)

Here are a few beer-related photos for all of ya... (if you can't see the photos because you clicked the "read more" link from the front page news block, simply scroll up and click "FORUM VIEW" and you'll see this message as a real forum message)






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Happy St Patricks Day to all!!

How about a Pogues drinking song "Token Celtic drinking song" or "Whiskey in the Jar"....anything by these guys really....Or try the Brobdingnagian Bards (from Texas!?!) Anybody heard of the "Dropkick Murphies":laugh: ?

My younger brother is now for 17-18 years a Boston fireman, lived in South Boston 'til recently. Man!! Do they know how to celebrate.....ANYTHING....with lots of music , drink, and...er...ah.. lively discussion!!ROFL

I guess St patricks Day is as much fun here in Sydney somewhere...:classic:

Anyway , how ever you celebrate it ...have a ball!!:laugh:

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