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Your first Z car...


Your age when you got your first Z car  

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  1. 1. Your age when you got your first Z car

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My first Z was a 1979 ZX Brown and Gold. Got for $300 in 1992 while I was stationed on the lovely island of Guam USA. It was hit on the passenger side door, you could not even open the door it was hit so hard. I got a rusty door from the junkyard and welded it together with the lower of of the dented door to make a complete door. We filled the dents with bondo and other things, sanded it out...painted it blue then sold it for $2000.00. The thing that stuck with me about that car was how great it ran...it gave me the Z bug since then I have never NOT been a Z owner. When I got back to the states in 94 I purchased my 78 which had 178K miles on the odo, it is now up to 380K on the original engine. I will never forget my first Z, she was ugly but fun to drive.

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My first Z was a silver 1974 260Z back in 1979, I was 20 years old. I was in the Marine Corps and was stationed at 29 Palms, California. I made just enough money to keep the car insured and full of gas with a little left over for fun. I kept the car for two years and traded her in for a 1977 Monte Carlo.

I didn't know what I had back then but I sure loved the car. I'm on my 6th Z now and haven't lost any of my desire for these cars!!!


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OK, I have a confession...when I was 18 I almost bought a 280zx turbo from my boss at the time. I was actually just going to see him about it, and I passed him on the road. We pulled over, and I hit the gravel and couldn't stop in time. BANG right into the back of him (my only accident ever). Not too much damage, but the deal was off and I paid for the new bumper and some paint.

I know 280zx's get flamed here, but at the time that car was very unique and cool. 2 tone blue/silver.

I just got my 72 240z almost 3 years ago at age 32.


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I was 19 and stationed at Fort Hood TX in early 73. My 71 Toyoto Corolla was stolen and I took the insurance money flew back to Atlanta to buy another car at auction. My father told me about 240Z's and said I should consider it. I had never seen one up close until I saw the yellow 71 that I bought that night. I drove it back to TX the next day and have loved them ever since. I came back from TX about a year later and within a week my dad bought a new 260.

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I was 15 in 1985 when I got my first, a silver 1975 280z. Held onto it until the upkeep became ($$$) more than a high school kid could afford. I got my second last year, an orange 1972 240z.

Funny thing is... I'm still not sure I can afford it. ;)


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I bought my first Z brand new at Pomona Valley Datsun in 1970 at age 20. #00488. I'm sure I've told the story here before. Have been unable to locate it on any of the Z registers. I traded it in for a 1972, at age 22, don't remember the VIN, and drove that for about three years before selling it. It would be another 25 years (1997), age 46, when I bought my third, the 78 that I still own. I've owned many cars, Datsuns and others during that span. I think the 810 is the 48th or 49th car or truck that I've owned not counting wives cars.

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I was 18 in 1976 - got an orange (red) 71. It was the nicest car that I have ever owned, I didn't buy it to get laid - I just loved that car.

Sold it for no good reason - kicking my own arse ever since.

Bought the 280 - like that alot too, but it's not quite the same.

Soon as I get the means to do it I'm getting another 71.

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Bought my first Z (and new car) in 1974 off the lot at Bob Sharps in CT for $7,280. (in cash from 4 months of overtime). Bob had a deal where they would mod the car (springs, carbs, shocks, rollbar, etc.) and you were set to go at Limerock. It was stolen in '76 and by then I was getting married and had to wait until 1999 to get my next one.

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Does it count the 2 260Z 2+2 that my Dad gifted me when i was 7 years old, both red, one majorette and the oher one matchbox....?

My Zx is the first one and hopefully not the last one, i purchased two years ago when i was 29....

I've got one of those 2+2 Matchbox cars! Maroon with the little box it came it. Sits on top of my computer monitor.

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