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5 Good California 240Zs on Ebay


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Number 2 looks more like a, expensive parts car with a bad repaint to help it sell. The last one however (gold 71') looks to be in great condition and would be a nice start for someone looking to buy and not have to dump a boatload of $$$ on it before being able to drive it.

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the second one is described as a 72 in the auction info, then as a 71 in the seller's description. What gives? a 70,000+ VIN is definitely later than a 71.

And for the 4th one, how can you have "new original paint"?

Agreeing with Enigma; the last one is in the same shape I bought my first one, and would be an excellent starting point.

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New original paint = new paint original color, pretty simple.

I like that car. If I lived down there I would take a look. The interior is very good except for the radio and rear carpet. Needs more pictures.

#5 is nice outside, I do like original original paint best. The interior is dubious, dash cap and poorly covered seats at a glance.

I'ld love to have either one.

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Had zcarlady photographed her car as well as the last car - she might have gotten the bidding up to $7,500.00 maybe higher.

You can't expect people to buy what they can't see - or what your not willing to show them.

Carl B.


No wonder the car you referred so was well photographed. It looks like this was sold by an editor for a car magagine (Sports Car Market). See the paragraph with a picture of the car and a link to the eBay auction towards the bottom of the following link.


Here is the text.

SCM's Affordable Classics Editor Puts His Money Where His Motor is

Rob Sass has long maintained there is money to be made buying cars on Craigslist and reselling them on eBay. He recently bought a ’71 Datsun 240Z on Craigslist, and after cleaning it up and putting some miles on it, he's listed it for sale on eBay—and his investment is certainly less than the current amount bid. Click here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-Z-Series-DATSUN-240Z-SURVIVOR-ORIGINAL-PAINT-CALIFORNIA-CAR-N-R_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6187QQhashZitem250082065254QQihZ015QQitemZ250082065254QQrdZ1) to check out his description of this original car, and to follow the progress of the sale.

I wonder how much he bought it for, and if he made a profit flipping it.

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I have always considered doing exactly what Rob Sass mentioned. Being from So. Cal, I see a large number of minimal rust cars being sold all the time.

Hell, last December someone was selling a 1973 240z with triple Mikunis, ported/polished head, straight body, etc. for $2500.

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That's tough to do, though. In my state to register a car and get a title you have to pay sales tax. Then you have ebay fees and paypal fees. All told you could end up paying 10% in transactions costs. Not a big deal if you can sell it on ebay for 2x what you paid, but something to consider nonetheless.

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