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removing chrome drip rail


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Does anyone have any suggestions about removing the metal drip rail above the doors? A restoration book says to loosen it up and then pop it off the door frame. I have gently tried this and cannot remove it without bending it. I would like to take it off prior to painting. Any suggestions? Thanks. Carl

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You should be able to get it off with a wide blade putty knife (Approx. 1 1/2) Once you get it started (I started from the rear and worked my way to the front), just use the putty knife blade between the drip rail and the lip that it hooks onto. (I.E. - It spreads the force out when you pry on the drip rail so it does not put big dings in it like you would get if you were using a big screwdriver)

Just don't get into a big hurry...take you time....now take a deep breath...

you'll do fine....


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Insert that putty knife at the back like Will mentioned, from the underneath of the rain gutter and under the edge of the chrome drip rail, then gently work it under the lip of the chrome rail.

Once you have the blade slightly under the edge, lift up on the handle (which will be downwards) and the edge of the chrome rail should slide OFF the car's rain gutter metal.

See the attached Paint picture that I sketched.

And as WebDawg said...take it very carefully and SLOWLY. If you rush it, you WILL bend and twist it.

It MAY show a twist to it when it finally comes off, but that's due to the nature of the beast (at least in my experience in having removed several pairs), this will work itself out when you put them back on the car.



Chrome Drip Rail Removal.bmp

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Now that you have them off, look to see if there might be tiny little razor blade like clips inside the moulding. If there are, don't loose them as they are tough to get and if you try to reapply the moulding without them, they won't stay on long. Trust me I know alot about those little buggers!

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Carl, and John:

Between the two of you, could you guys post a pic of these clips you're referring to?

I don't recall seeing any clips in the last two or three sets of the chrome drip rails I've removed, so I'm interested in finding out what I missed.

That's why in the sketch I made it was tricky to show the TWO little bends in the bottom part of the rail. I didn't do the corresponding on the bottom of the rain gutter, but it IS there.

Can you pull one out of the little plastic baggy and picture it Carl?


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Sorry for digging up an old post, but I was replying to a post on Zcar.com and searching here to add weight my relpy, and come accross this thread. I thougth I might as well finish this thread with the info required.

EScanlon asked for a picture of said clips, well find attached. 5 clips per side for a 2 seater, and 6 or 7 (can't remember which) for a 2 by 2. These seem to be NLA, and the last few I brought cost me over £6 ($12) each!! (I live in England) If anyone has any luck finding some new ones, I do need some more to make a set for my car.




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That's excellent info.

With that part number I was able to track the item down in the microfiche. It only appears in fiche 155-2 item 9 & 11 and it isn't even illustrated along with the actual mouldings for each side.

But if the microfiche is correct, these clips ONLY apply to the 2+2's AFTER Oct. 73. Then it's 8 per side for the part number ending in N3701 and 7 for the prior part number which ended in N3700.

Thanks for the picture!


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simply untwist them the way you twisted them. Do the opposite.

If a Haynes manual answered your question it would look like this:

1. Untwisting a twisted drip rail

To untwist a twisted drip rail, you must untwist it.

I bring this up, cause I was looking in one the other day and their explanations are so rediculous...when wanting to know specifics on things such as how to take out a water pump, for instance, it just says "remove water pump"...well gosh, thanks Haynes!

By the way Tomo, what does "tast" mean?

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Dogma- I didn't twist my drip rails.

The PO must have twisted the drip rails off for painting (and I'm surprised he did that much as it looks like a $99 paint job) and put them back on twisted. I've been trying to untwist the back ends since I got the car.

Tast was a typo for 'The last.'


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