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  1. Check out the following Ebay link...and made out of stainless steel as well...woo hoo https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-260Z-280Z-70-78-Battery-Tray-Area-Repair-Panel-Sheet-Metal-1391F/223164173569?hash=item33f59f0d01:g:~4EAAOSw4vJaqwdd
  2. Actually its webdawg1...LOL. So in other words from the way it looks in your picture...this harness is from C-4, C-5, C-6, C-7 under the dash...heading into engine bay...etc...etc...but minus the fuel injection harness and fuel injection computer. Correct. (See 280Z wiring diagram to verify) So before you were asking $200 for both...So whats your best deal + shipping for the harness you still have?? Also...was this the USA version...or for Canada...as there are some minor differences in the wiring...
  3. Still have the EVAP tank?? USA 83868 zip code
  4. Still have the front wiring harness?? Have not noticed any posts after July 2018 ??
  5. You can still get a lot of these hoses from your local Nissan dealer...(if you have one local in your area) Just go in with a P/N and they are usually more than happy to order stuff in for you...Also see various hoses on eBay from time to time... Can also do a search on "Spreadsheets" on this site...which you can use to help track stuff...these were all done for a 1975 280Z...so most items will be almost exactly the same... webdawg1
  6. Part number appears to be the same...14950-N4800...see following url for part numbers for the various items listed...item #13 would be the vapor canister... and item #19 for the bracket...item #20 will be the mounting screws (6mm x 1.0 x 20mm) Vapor canister appears to be somewhat universal as I see no "years" listed out to the side... http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsunS30/DatsunFairladyZIndex/Engine280Z/EmissionControlDevice/tabid/1601/Default.aspx webdawg1
  7. Guess it would help if I attached the pictures.....still working on the first cup of java...:stupid: webdawg1
  8. Looks like the PO (Previous Owner) has made some changes...Hmmm...go figure...here's a picture of the "Vacuum Canister"...might help some with the connection for the rubber lines...and another picture with the connections... should be pretty near what you have as it's for a 75 280Z... webdawg1
  9. Door locks...guess I should have been more clear... webdawg1
  10. If you have your lock(s) out you should be able to find it on the lock pretty easy...if you turn in on its side with the keyhole side to your left and rotate it until you find a hole in the barrel...just above the hole and about the 10:00 - 11:00 o'clock position you should find the number stamped...should be a letter and 4 numbers... webdawg1
  11. mysteremech, Got some measurements for you...give me a shout when you see this and I'll feed the measurements back to you...probably just give you a call if you like...as it would be faster... webdawg1
  12. That picture was one I found on the forum...I usually download them for future reference...as you never really know what you will find as you dig into the body on these cars...will be doing the floors for sure...:tapemouth...up around the battery tray area as well...:tapemouth...:tapemouth...will be warming up some today...so will get out to the garage here shortly... webdawg1
  13. This picture might help out some with general shape and location of various holes and brackets...kind of "cold" out in the garage right at the moment tho... webdawg1
  14. You would be correct sir...see picture attached...picture is from from a 76 280Z (Reference pictures libarary) Memory has a bad habit of fading over time :tapemouth...so always good to find reference pictures to refer to down the road... webdawg1
  15. Might also consider the following source for hose from McMaster-Carr. Depending on the hose you select the temperature rating would be a lot higher...(I.E. - -65 to +300 F) http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/116/210/=9uekxk webdawg1