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Does any one have any experiences with these two brands of strut cartridges my intended use for the car is just the occasional brisk drive through the hills and crusing around. Both brands are gas presurised. My car is an Aussie 260Z 1974 2seater 5spd manual {still pre - smog controls over here} . any opinions would be appreciated.

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My car had the cheap KYB strut cartridges - around 40$ each. They were supposedly only 2 years old and one of the front ones was already dead. I can't verify how old they are but according to the PO they were new. ANyway i'm gonna stay away from them - but the more expensive ones may be ok.

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a friend of mine favours Koni, but at the moment Konis are difficult to get.

The Konis are adjustable (see the other discussion here on adjustable Tokikos, you can transfer that on Konis but to adjust Konis is not as easy). I had Konis in my 300ZXTurbo and one rear became weak. At first I thought I had always a brise from the side, the car felt slightly drunken. Here I changed to Bilstein, very good ! My 240 Z has Tokikos, as I mentioned, that I got from MSA.

Good luck


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Just picked up a set of Tokico's from a place called shox.com,

great prices! 250 for a set of four, and the Eibach's were/are 209

my springs are on backorder.www.shox.com They don't post their prices on the web, you need to either call or get a quote.

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