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Wiring Fog Lights on the Early Z


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The under-hood fuseboxes in modern cars also include circuit breakers, master fuses ( 30+ amps,) relays and probably some connectors. Do you think it's useful? You can probably get those at any JY from any car, especially a big luxury car. You'd need a good bit of the wiring, and some time to map the connections.

For Example: Gram Am fuse block on eBay

Some pictures of the Engine-area Fusebox from a newer car:



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I used the starter solenoid for power too. I was able to run the new wire under the battery cable to make the new wire less noticeable.

Speaking of battery terminal, my hand crafted battery cover with original frame and top lid shown here. I have kill switch at passenger side firewall as well.

This give a very original but modern looks to your Z.







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This give a very original but modern looks to your Z.

Very nice indeed. That is a beautiful engine compartment! I can see how it would be difficult to use relays without them being seen or obtrusive. More of a creative effort will have to be taken to keep them hidden if you use them.

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My father iin law installed fog lamps when he bought the car. The installer put in a radio shack spst cheap switch above the hazard flasher. It always bothered me. I searched for the original JDM switch with no luck as a replacement. So, I had to make do with this. I hope you can see the pictures. I took them with a flashlight at 10pm last night.

It won't fool the discriminating amongst us, but...i like it.



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