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Hello from Germany

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i am 45 yeas old and live in the north of germany near Hannover

My 240Z is from 1972 (Ser.no. 77005) and before i can start the 2006 season i have to solve my problem with a broken voltage regulator.

So i found this forum and i am happy that there are so many Z-Enthusiasts like me.

It is not so easy to get spare parts for the z-models in germany.

I think it's not possible to get a new voltage-regulator in germany, so it should be the best idea to change the alternator with a one with a build-in regulator and make the "jumpers" solution in the wiring of the regulator.

If someone has a better idea, for example to change the regulator with another type, please let me know.

so keep on zzzzzedding

best regards

Thomas Buehrmann

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Hello there. Any of you guys intrested in a Skyline GTR? it is a 1990 with 76000km on it. My borther is in the Air Force over their. He will be coming home soon and needs to sell the GTR he had imported. The car is being repaired right now, it had a spun rod bearing on the #6 cylinder. It will also have a new clutch when finished. If any of you are interested let me know. I think he wants $7000 USD but I'm not sure maybe euro.

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...My borther is in the Air Force over their. He will be coming home soon and needs to sell the GTR he had imported. ....


If your brother had the Car imported TO Germany while he was in the service, he may want to check the regulations on disposition of that vehicle. Additionally, since he's selling it, it implies that he has another car...possibly to return to the U.S. with? If that's the case, have him check into making sure the vehicle passes U.S. Import requirements BEFORE it leaves Europe.

When I was in the A.F., there were numerous times that you would see people's belongings in the DRMO (Defense Reutilization Marketing Office). These items were items that people would bring to the U.S. only to discover that they hadn't obtained material that was upgradeable to U.S. standards and/ or unuseable.

Televisions, and VCR's (I know, passé), were the items most often being discarded...at pennies on the dollar simply because Europe televisions receive on a slightly different set of wavelengths, and the U.S. does not. Yes...you can "repair" the T.V., for more money than it costs to buy a new one.....unless you had it done in Europe. Where the kit is cheap.

Same thing on the vehicles.

A car bought from the dealer's floor in Europe, in some instances at prices thousands cheaper than here in the U.S. is an inviting temptation. Buy a car cheaply, import it into the U.S. ... for free... then sell it. Only to discover that the reason the car is so cheap in Europe, is that they don't have the 1500 certifications that the U.S. requires before you can import it. So you insist and then discover that the government will have you post bond in the amount of the repairs AT the dealer in the U.S.. So now they have your vehicle until it passes customs and YOU pay the bill. Don't want the car? OK, we'll just ship it back to Europe at YOUR expense. Or you can abandon it, and we'll dispose of it for you. And that's when you see them in the DRMO yards.

This is what honestly happens, simply because people fail to check WITH the dealer in Europe that their car is IMPORTABLE to the United States.

A little precaution now.....



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Welcome Thomas,

das Angebot vo Rainer ist stark! Unabhängig davon ist ZTherapy eine gute Adresse und ein schneller Kontakt zu gnosez kann auch nicht schaden. Mit unseren Autos sind Kontakte Alles. Hast Du auch mal bei Achim Weidling bzw. dem Z&ZX Club D. angefragt?

Viel Erfolg!


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hi rolf

beim deutschen z+zx club geht doch nichts ....oder ???? da wird gesagt achim weidling hätte das club teilelager ....nur is da nichts drinnen.

gruss peter

hi rolf

in the german z+zx club works nothing....or ???? everybody says achim weidling has the cub part stock .... but there is nothing inside.

regards peter

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