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  1. Hello George, thank you for your offer. With the help of this forum i found a german Z-fan, who just send me a new voltage regulator. best regards Thomas
  2. i am 45 yeas old and live in the north of germany near Hannover My 240Z is from 1972 (Ser.no. 77005) and before i can start the 2006 season i have to solve my problem with a broken voltage regulator. So i found this forum and i am happy that there are so many Z-Enthusiasts like me. It is not so easy to get spare parts for the z-models in germany. I think it's not possible to get a new voltage-regulator in germany, so it should be the best idea to change the alternator with a one with a build-in regulator and make the "jumpers" solution in the wiring of the regulator. If someone has a better id
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