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Interesting 240Z Listing on Ebay


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I have to give them credit for the way the ad is done. It's nice to see pictures of all the ID tags and numbers and they generally give honest descriptions of things. I do note however that the dash is clearly cracked given the awful carpet covering and they don't mention anything about that in the section on the interior. I also note that the seat covers are not original even though the seats appear to be. At least they didn't start the auction with an outrageous starting bid; it will be interesting to see what the reserve is.

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Mike, I agree with you, you don't see too many people show pics of all the ID tags (they even show a pic of the engine serial #, which just happens to be matching).. I don't care much for the red interior, especially the velour stuff they have in there, but that can easily be changed. (I'm changing out the red iinterior in my '72 to black) Yes, the dash looks bad, but overall seems to be a pretty solid car. As of the time of this posting, the car still hasn't met reserve and is at $4,150.00 with just under 3 days remaining.

There seems to be a number of 240s listed on Ebay right now besides this one and someseemed to be at very reasonable prices right now for you bargain hunters:



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Don't forget the:

"Documentation Fee: There will be a $195.00 fee added to each car sold in the United States. This includes title transfer, inventory tax, holding costs, vehicle preparation, storage and overnight documentation delivery."

My bids on cars being sold by dealerships will now come with a $300 "putting up with the dealerships crap" fee. This fee also includes the perusal costs, computer equipment procurement, computer equipment storage, travel, bid prepatation, consideration costs, bid delivery, and charges to promote the health and welfare of my family.

It is a well done ad, and a nice car, but come on guys, everyone knows that that this is some add in profit to pad the deal.

It does not cost $3 in payroll, and supplies to print and fill out a bill of sale/sign over a title to a used car and exchange it for money!


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