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For those who like to enjoy a turn on the rainy Ring in Germany's fastest Porsche take www.juergen-alzen-motorsport.de . At the left of the homepage you'll find "multimedia". Click there. Nexr click on "Video". You will see the Porsche at the right. Click on the Porsche. The download takes some time but than you will get that race feeling.

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Hey Doehring,

At first I thought it was just one of those videos you can download of the new Nuerburgring but my eyes popped wide open when he use the old infamous circuit! That guy was dancing with the rain! brilliantly handled! Great video Doehring!

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If either of those drivers missed an apex it was only because they were passing someone.

I liked how it looked more like someone had set a fish hook into the cars out front and was dragging them back instead of them being overtaken.

Thanks for making a wet, snowy day better......

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Friends, I started that thread because some members asked me whether the Nuerburgring in the Video Games (like GT 4) is realistic. I don't have a video game, so please can you give me an answer how realistic GT 4 is. If you say the video game is realistic I will get one soon.


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