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73 datsun 240z race car


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The Sports Car Market profile on "LAL909K" (British License Plate Number for the 1973 240Z Race/Rally car sold at Bonham's in June 2005 and later 2005 offered on ebay) is also available online at this link:

There seems to be continuing confusion with regard to TWO cars that were offered as lots in the Bonhams auction at the 2005 Goodwood Festival Of Speed. The histories of the two cars are being mixed up, and the mistake of switching the photos of the two cars in their respective catalogue descriptions is being repeated.

'LAL 909K' ( chassis no. HS30-01914 ) - the ex-Samuri Conversions road / race car that started out as a standard UK-market '240Z' - was entered in the Bonhams auction and WAS sold. This car did NOT later appear on eBay...........

'PTD 524K' ( chassis no. S30-02552 ) - A 1970 Fairlady Z-L bodyshell with a mixture of standard and ex-Works rally car parts attached to it - was also offered for sale in the Bonhams auction, but did NOT sell. THIS was the car that later appeared on eBay, with the vendor claiming that the car was actually 'HS30-00026' ( one of the Works 1970 RAC Rally entries ). The eBay auction ended early with a deal apparently having been struck behind the scenes.

Read more about the cars on this thread:


I hear that both cars have sold to buyers outside the UK, so it will be interesting to see where they pop up next.

Alan T.

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Hey Alan,

It wasn't me !!!!!!!!!!


:devious: :devious:


That's what Saddam keeps saying too...... :knockedou

Actually, I heard a whisper that 'PTD' was soon to be on its way to the US of A.

Just hope the buyer knows exactly what he's getting ( or - more to the point - what he isn't getting :ermm: ).

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'LAL 909K' ( chassis no. HS30-01914 )...did NOT later appear on eBay...........

'PTD 524K' ( chassis no. S30-02552 )...was the car that later appeared on eBay,

Alan T.

I stand corrected. Alan, thanks for clearing up the confusion on my part.

Gary S.

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