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how can you tell a 240Z from a 280Z?


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in the engine compartment , on the firewall just left of the master cylinder there should be a series of numbers and letters stamped into the firewall. Tell us what they are . This is the vin number .:rambo: add your location to the profile. is this a right or left hand drive?

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We don't have 280Zs here, but you can tell a 240Z from a 260Z by the tail-lights. The reverse lights are separate from the others on the 260Z. The same might apply for the 280Z.

Other obvious things are:


are there rear seats (the 240Z didn't have a '2+2' model)?

bumpers are different, I think, aswell.

flutes in the bonnet (sorry, 'hood'), the these are not original on the 240Z but might have been fitted by the owner.


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thanks, hmm the dash VIN# HLS30 216985, but then again as Virto said it might have other numbers...for the bumpers well it only has one in the front, the rear bumper was removed and then the holes where covered by bondo, jaja also I've found I have an L26 engine with SU carbs, LOL jaja. I'll check the firewall, and post on friday night, jeje since the car is not completely legal and is currently at mexico jajaja, border cities....

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240Z from 280Z?

compare the bumpers, location of turn signal lights, or the tailights.

280Z bumpers ::i think:: have shocks in the rear for improved safety so the bumper sticks out more.

280Z turn signal lights are located in the grill, whereas the 240Z turn signals are bigger and located under the bumper.

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