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Instant Z Meet

Victor Laury

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Man, I love living in Southern California! Last night, I stopped my my local Albertson's grocery market, and was 3/4 the way to the front door when a white, nicely customized 76 pulls in and parks next to my car. Jun (the owner of the 76) and I compared details and generally talked Z's, when up walks Mike (?), who told us of his 73 in his garage. Instant Z meet!

Wish I had a camera. Some of you JDM wheel fans would have loved Jun's Deep-dished Epsilon meshes! Both Jun and Mike say they visit the ClassicZcar.com pages, so here's a shout-out

Wazzup Homies!

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nice. I live in costa mesa and theres a z i see ziping around town sometimes. its black and has a visable oil cooler in the front. He had the front metal bumper removed and had a nice looking air dam. The common "mouth" look. i see him every once and a while a nice z over all. maybe when mine is done ill see him again.

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