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Anyone know what runs off the Flasher fuse in a 240Z?

I 've got a big electric issue with the Flasher fuse, the amp gauge reads +ve and the indicators work till this fuse blows. It gets so hot the fuse holders have melted the plastic and I burnt my finger as solder ran out of the fuse!!!

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Depending on the year most of your tail,brake,marker light's go thru the hazard switch. I just had the same problem this week. It was a two part problem. first the fuse holder had burned due to constant heat,bimetal corrosion, and age. After I fixed that I found my flasher switch had a lot corrosion on it's points. I could not find a replacement switch so I got some contact cleaner and a contact file and fixed mine myself. It seems to be working fine now but has only been two days. Let me know if this helps.

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I had this problem a little while ago, it is because the there is too much resistance at the clip. You have a few options, but your goal is to clean off the clip to give a nice solid contact. I soaked my clip in vinegar. I took a small plastic cup and cut most of it away to make a dish that was maybe 1/2". Then I set it up so the clip was soaking in the vinegar over night. Then the next day I went out with a toothbrush in hand and burshed away, worked like a charm. You can also use electrical contact cleaner as well, but I did not feel like going to buy some so I used an alternative. Once done thios process, my hot fuse problem was fixed

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Thanks guys

It's a '73 aussie model, so there is no marker lights or hazard switch.

The car has been off the road for over ten years and was in a pretty sad state interior wise.

I'll start at the fuse box first and clean it up, other than that I'm guessing there must be a wire after the fuse causing a strong ground.


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