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Selling my 72Z

Rick Bolus

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Guys I listed my one 72 Z, the yellow one which is in my gallery. I put it on ebay earlier, feel free to check it out or pass it on to a friend who wants an easy finish project. I would like to see it go to one of the club guys. I just have no time for this one and have lost my interest in Z cars. I have two XKE's projects in my garage right now and want an Italian with 12 cylinders instead of a bunch of Z's to drive when its nic out. I probably will be selling my orange 72 soon too. Here's the link, its a good well done restoration, and the good news is all the hard work is done. Just finish up the interior some exterior work and some easy details and enjoy it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1972-240Z-Proper-Restoration-Done-Easy-to-Finish-PA_W0QQitemZ4592334257QQcategoryZ6187QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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"The Z really just needs someone to sit down and put some time in on it. The dollars are low. Get some rubber window and door gasket and hatch trim on, patch a few weak spots in the floors, replate the rear bumper, get a front bumper and a front grill for it."

Could you elaborate on that point...



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Hi Xray, the photos on ebay show the floors, I don't have a nice grill or a front bumper, They are on ebay all the time figure 300 dollars should do it for a nice new one. Grills go for around 25 dollars used. Gasket sets are around 200 but you do not need the windshield or hatch one, they are new and installed already. Anyone who needs more photos just ask and i will send them. Mainly the passenger side of the floor under the interior sound deadener has some rust holes, it does not need full floors or anything like that, just cut soome flat sock, bend it and weld in place where the metal has some early fatigue. Hope this helps, but look at the photos on ebay, or in my gallery. It is the yellow one in the gallery I am selling for now. Thanks, Rick

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