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    72 z orange lots of period modifications. This is a one owner car lowered, chromadora wheels, Racer Brown cam with Bob Sharp period modificaions all documented, I restored the yellow 72 and sold it to Rick Saleco who burned me for 100 dollars on it, Rick I am still waiting for my money!!!!! My 70Z is #1536 rusting quietly in my garage taking up space something worthwile should be occupying, but I owned it too long now to shred it. Maybe not.

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  1. Success!! I took main cf ter panel out to get access to the hazard switch. I had most of it out of way anyway. I unplugged both harness at the switch. Had power at three green terminals, two lower and one center for future use by someone else struggling. Could not find any problems but the signal started flashing. So it Must have been bad connection. Now to continue the wire question color issues that have come up: On my 72Z it is NOT the same at all. The mysterious solid green under colum does tie into the solid white. I left the always live red from the main harness alone it is unconnected. Thanks for everyone's input. Of course I just tried it for giggles and it's not working but it must be a dirty conection.
  2. Steve I have checked both sides of each fuse with a power tester. Both terminals have power. Except there is zero power neither of the two right upper ones.
  3. Steve the hazards are working fine. All fuses ok however: the two fuses on upper passenger side do not have power but both headlights tail lights are fine. Keep in mind this Zcar was in pieces when I bought it, shell only with everything was in boxes. That's why I suspect I have a wire hooked up wrong or missing but I can't find it.
  4. I just followed beermanpetes guide. Still no turn signals but wipers and headlights and horn are fine here's what is hooked up and what I question still and can tell the forum 2 poles l shaped plug under drivers feet are the signal/flasher are solid white and solid green single pole red flat lead under switch is always hot even with key off Single spade white wire under colum still has zero power if I tie red and black single spade leads under colum together-this will send power to the green wire side of the flasher If the single green under colum is tied to the solid white there is still no power if I direct or hot wire a lead to the single green spade lead under colum from turn signal loom arm assy both left and right turn signals will light up left or right as they are chosen including dash icons both will illuminate left or right, but no flashing occurs thanks for everyone's continued input
  5. Today I checked power as per beermanpetes suggestion. I have power at BOTH terminals on the flasher lead with the two leads. Jumping both together still did nothing.
  6. I will put a few hours in tomorrow and report back in tomorrow night. Thanks for all the replies. It is puzzling why the diferent color leads can plug into one another though but the molded plastic 4/6 pin ones do not.
  7. I am hoping someone has a photo or three of their conections, as you can see several of these single leaf ones are tied into diferent color wires. The challenge was the car was in pieces when I got it so I have no guidelines to be sure these odd single ones are hooked up right. A photo of working 73 set ups will help a lot. Thanks for everyone's contributions.
  8. I uploaded the photos of my 73Z turn signal dilemma to the post. Any support is greatly appreciated. 

  9. Beer man Pete the pictures were of my present possibly wrong connections, What is Not working are the turn signals, left nor right. The headlights and high beam are working fine, hazard all four are fine. There is zero power anywhere on the turn signal section of the look that plugs into them. Thanks
  10. Hi guys here's the photos of my combo signal wiring dilemma. It's a 06/73 production. As you can see the main plug is connected but I have no power at that conection
  11. Hi guys I need some help. No power at turn signal lever its 73z manual when I picked up car it was a bare shell only, all apart, does anyone have a photo you can share of where the wires from the combo switches meet up? I have the signal switch plugged in to the right plug on the main harness of dash which looks like it's a square plug with 6 pins, but there's zero power there. And zero at the lever. There are a couple of single wires unplugged like the key buzzer wire which right now I'm not worried about. I think some of them crossover from headlight combo switch to the tsig side, but colors don't match under column. The other lights all fine, flashers and horn are working. Fuses all good. Any help appreciated.