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need advice--bad prior fuel tank seal?


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Hey all!

Need some advice...After 2 tanks of gas I noticed my fuel was still real orangey-brown. Drained the tank (also orangey-brown gas), so I figured it was crud in my tank (and probably fuel ines) that was making the mess. So last week I pulled off my gas tank and have been working on getting it prepped for tank sealer. I noticed some magenta/red colored stuff along the sender hole, and when I peered into the tank via filler hole, this is what I saw...

This red stuff is in filler-hole (passenger) side of the tank (a single baffle blocks left and right sides), and there's none of this stuff along the walls (that I can see) There is surface rust and varnish-type changes where this red stuff is not present

Is this someone's previous botched fuel tank sealer job? Is this Red-Kote as previously mentioned in a recent post?

How can/should I proceed? Fill it with stripper and hope it comes off? Send it to the radiator shop as is? Ignore it and overcoat it with POR's tank sealer?

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated...




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thats red koat have had that used on my tank myself two times and both times it hasnt worked, dont know if it because of the guy that I had do it or what but would recognize that anywhere thats exactly what mine looks like on the inside, let me know what you find out or decide to do. thanks.

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2 year old Resurrected thread....

My tank was professionally cleaned and coated with Red Kote. No problems so far, and its warranteed against failure. The Red Kote manufacturer states MEK will take it off, but it needs to soak.



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The Renu process is tops... Unbeatable.

For the less fortunate who can't spare $300-400 there's RKote. Mine was done a year ago and still no probs despite running ethanol/cheapo pump gas. Final cost for "in house" prep and RK was around $70-$80.

I used Red Kote over a year ago with proper prep. Swooshing a bit of acid in a tank and expecting all the rust to cease doing it's thing is wishful thinking. I think this is where most people are getting their bad experiences from.. (poor prep)

Here's my tank page.. Sandblasted inside and out, acid treated etc etc..


My shameless 2c plug for Red Kote. :) :)


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