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Rear skirt needed?


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My rear skirt is mangled pretty bad - especially around the tail pipe. I guess I have to cut out the whole thing and reweld another one.

Im exploring alternatives, but I dont really like the rear ground effect kits too much although it seems like a good solution to solve the cosmetic problem.

Has anyone every replaced this part? It looks like I have to cut it out and hire a welder. I cant find any bolts. I was hoping for a bolt off / bolt on job.

Do you have a straght one you can send me? Am I missing something? It does have to be welded, right?

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If I were going to do this, I'd use a spot weld cutter. It is kind of like a miniature hole saw. To use it, you have to locate the center of the spot weld. Then use a center punch to make a dimple, then cut out the spot weld. Once all of them are cut out the skirt will come right off.

I'm not sure if replacements are available, you might have to find one in a salvage yard. If you find a suitable donor car in the salvage yard, use the spot weld cutter to remove the skirt. If you use the spot weld cutter with a cordless drill, plan on having several spare, charged batteries.

I think Eastwood (www.eastwood.com) carries the spot weld cutters. I bought mine at a local parts house.

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Do you have a straght one you can send me?

If you end up deciding that you need one please let me know as I believe I have one that I can remove for you (I have two parts cars and I think that this part is good on one if not both of them, would have to go out to where they are stored to verify this).

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just get someone that can do paintless dent removal to knock it out. thats what im doin with mine, which is mangled pretty badly. they would have real easy access to get behind the panel and beat it back into shape. and it might be cheaper and less time consuming than welding in a new panel

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