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  1. Very rarely will I see a beat up 280zx, but this is the first time I have ever seen a 280z around any yards up here. The pick n pull is in summit right off of I-55 & Harlem Ave. Ill go check there tomorrow and see if its still there and see how much they want for the stuff and get back to you.
  2. last time I was at the pick n pull in summit there was a 77 280 with all front end parts in good shape. Hood, heat light buckets, bumper, braces, fenders. from the doors back was tore up and the interior was shot and floors were non existant. Ill go check back and see if its still there. its about a two hour drive up from champaign. I could get some pics of the car and then pull the stuff off for you if you want. let me know
  3. Im about 6'2 and i actually felt like i was too small in my z, that was with one spacer height on the seat post bottom. if i took all the spacers out im sure i would have felt smaller. my brother is about 6'5 and he said the interior space is huge felling and more than enough leg room. the 911 on the other hand arent quite as roomy.
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