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F.S. wheels (america racing rims)


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Royce you win the prize even though you were just a tot when these wheels were popular. They do look great on a zcar and have a period correct feel about them. I have a couple of photos of one of my early cars that had a set of these, maybe i can find it a post the photo. Am Racing still makes a set that look similar, but in five spoke design for muscle car applications.

VW I would need to know the rim width and offset of these wheels before I was seriously interested in even considering them. They came in at least three widths, 5.5, 6 and 7 and different offsets were available as the 4 bolt pattern also fit other vehicles. Only the 0 or 1/2 neg offset works well for the Z.

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Dave, are ya trying to say us "older gentleman" remember things that are only a picture in a magazine to some of the younger "Zedheads"?

I remember the Libra wheels quite well, my 280 had a set on it when I bought it back in 87, then I used them on a 82 200sx for a while, since they were 5.5 inch they worked great and looked pretty darn good on the 200sx. BTW, I even now where the complete set is hiding, I have "horse traded" them back and forth two or three times to the same guy, (the same one bought the 280 from), in fact I think they were traded for the same part I had originally, then when I found out the part was NLA, I made sure I got it back.

Guess that means if Royce was a tot, I must have been just a "little bigger tot".:P

BTW, the AM wheel that is a close copy of this is the 200S, not available in 14 inch, and not available in 4 lug either. They do look good since they are a fully polished wheel, shame they don't have one that will fit a Z anymore, at least not the early cars.:(

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