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Looking for a 81-84 diesel maxima intake manifold

bumble zee

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Well crap! I went looking through my records and could not find what I was looking for. I found a junkyard that was willing to part out one of these motors for me a few months back as all I wanted was the crank so I know that they would have the intake (or at least used to if it hasn't been sold by now). And it would be in good condition as the engine was running prior to them tearing it down for me. If I do happen to come across the name and number for the place I'll let you know but it wasn't in my Z car folder where all my other paperwork and receipts are. Maybe I can dig through my credit card statements and find it!

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I found it!!!

You're in luck that I keep the kind of records I do (some call me anal). The name of the place iis All Parts Auto & Truck in Springfield MO. Here's a link to a quick search I did to locate their address and phone number. I gave them my credit card by phone and address and the part showed up on my doorstep! Very easy to deal with and clearly knew what they were doing. Give them a call and tell them what you need and explain that you know someone that bought the crank in 9/04 so you know that they should have the intake (that is of course unless they have sold it by now but this is unlikely as they had the engine for a while, this is the only reason I was able to convince him to part it out). :bandit:

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