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My New Z


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Well I have my new Z finaly. I had been looking for one for a while and made a deal for this one http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]/Pictures/Z/ . I traded a camera and some cash for it. It was a nice car at one time but needs a little love to get it back to good a really nice condition.

But he has already done a lot to it. It has the triple webbers, header, almost all bushings, exhoust, swaybars (geting the front one fixed and the back one is the good one that mounts to the dif housing and not the body. Also has the alternator upgrade, electric fans, 3.83 gears I believe, short shifter, centerforce clutch and preasure plate, and came with a kevlar racing seet and 5 point harnes. Runs good and idles good.

But it does need a new interior but I just happen to have one:) Its geared to low for using the 4spead I had to drive about 60 the 70 miles home at 3500RPM. So I am going to get the good fivespeed out of one of my parts cars and maybe trade out the dif but not sure. Needs a wheel barring very badly. Need to service the air. Fix a couple of spots on the body, small hole in passangers floor. Probobly change heads he said it has the older model head with the flat top pistons and it deisels a little when you kill it. Needs a brake booster. I also need to change to the early z style bumpers that fit close to the body and go back to normal crome not the blacked out bumbers and crome. Probobly a lot more but thats enought to think about for now.

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