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280z on ebay, any ideas on what its worth?


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hard to say a value for you . The pictures show nothing of the condition of the car. I would want an uninterested third party that knows early Z cars specificly, to have a look and evaluate the condition . Then you can be the judge of the value. Which is really what you are willing to pay and how much you want the car. There is no subistute seeing the car in person .

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i have seen two zeds listed on ebay after i took a look at them on a private sale. both didn't live up to their discriptions. i was very disappionted having travelled some distance. two good rules to follow when buying a car- never buy sight unseen and never buy from family and friends.

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I would expect more rust than he says just to be safe and I would recheck the floor and rails if there is rust there most likely there is more he doesn't know about, anytime bumpers are shaved I would be cautious of how its done only way is to use steel to be safe, and I think his exaust leak is from the huge hole between the weatherstriping of the hatch and the body panel LOL , everyone I know that has bought a car from ebay or looked at one was generally disappointed unless it was a newer car ,have him email you more pics and close ups , never hurts and if he isn't willing to , i would pass :) just my 2 pennies

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two good rules to follow when buying a car- never buy sight unseen and never buy from family and friends.

Generally this is a good rule but the second rule isn't always a bad idea. Sometimes you know the history of the car well and it can work out for both parties if the car is a lemon it can strain a relationship just a bit ROFL .

In terms of this car as I want to be useful and not just adding 2 cents of nothing relating to your original question. LOL

I honestly think you should stay away from this car. I haven't read the description often the photos speak enough for me and if the photos are good i read the description then.

It appears to be in primer still and if that's the case you'll need to strip that off before applying paint anyway(more work). As was said i think you need to do a good job when it comes to shaving the bumpers and this car appears although i could be wrong to have been filled with bondo in that area.

It is my understanding that 280z's are not uncommon in the states and that a L28 turbo can be picked up quite easily. This might not apply to your area however i can tell you that it's not worth buying a cheaply done car.

I'll give a brief example a guy i know has bought a 240z that was converted to L28 with the injection set up etc. The wiring was not done properly and recently while a mate of mine was working on it the car caught fire just because the wiring wasn't done properly.

I guess where I'm doing and you'll have probably read it 100 times over is buy something good to begin with that hasn't been botched together and sold half way buy a clean relatively stock car that you can modify as you please. I can almost guarantee it will save you loads more $$$ and you will have a better car in the end. :cheeky: .

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