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FS: 75' 280z EFI $1200obo


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its a 75, so it's exempt

you're right! what usually went here was me being stupid and saying that it was 73, but yet again i am wrong!

very interested now though, let me figure my financial situation. anything wrong with it? will it survive a drive down to san diego? (not insinuating that YOU drive it down, just curious)

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i honestly just bought it, and havent had much time to drive it. the engine is strong. it has some noise in the front suspension. the brakes grab really high (sure has air in it). it can be a great car i know.

i just changed oil/filter and air filter. kinda pulls to the right a little alignment or something. i dont know if i have built up enough trust to drive it far yet. and i dont really plan on doing anymore work, or driving with it till it sells.

i just made a bad decision money wise, and should have saved my money for an apt.!

i knew what needs to be done to it, just not ready to fork over more money i dont have!

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