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  1. Thanks Jeff. Are you coming to Colorado for ZCON?

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    13X19" Glossy heavy weight photo paper. Free shipping within the continental U.S. These are arrangements of my personal drawings.


    Fort Collins - US

  3. View Advert Datsun/ Nissan Z posters. 13X19" Glossy heavy weight photo paper. Free shipping within the continental U.S. These are arrangements of my personal drawings. Advertiser thunderz Date 08/03/2021 Price $20 Category For Sale  
  4. I am in the process of building/installing vent/cooling hoses to the backing plates on my 73 240Z race car and noticed at full wheel turn the tire will contact the hose quite a bit. I have seen them flattened but wasnt sure if that was the best way to go?
  5. Thanks, I did see that one. It was the conflicting information that Ground Control sent me that was confusing me. There are write ups out there that say the GC instructions were originally written for the Tokico struts. GC does not specify that in their instructions which has led to more than one person sectioning their struts wrong.:stupid:
  6. I have read a few write ups and the instructions from GC on installation for a 240Z. Needless to say I am confused. I was wondering if there is a write up with clear measurements on cutting the strut housing tubes and the spacers? I also read that they need Koni gland nuts? Thanks.
  7. thunderz


    The wheels are...the car is a 78'
  8. I didnt see your car thereROFL
  9. I hope to be able to join the gang soon :laugh:
  10. These carbs are in good shape and were very reliable when I ran them for five years. They come with the N36 intake manifold. This manifold is the highest volume out of any stock Z intake. These carbs are a huge improvement over the Hitachis that over heat and leave you stranded. They sound great when you open them up and they run very smooth. The air filters only have a few miles on them too. Will fit all L series motors. $250
  11. I have an entire set in good condition $75
  12. Still lookig for tags?
  13. This is a beautiful motor. It has never been run.0 miles! Rebuilt head and majority of all parts bought from Motorsport. It has an N47 head and an N42 block. All aluminum is highly polished and it has round top SU's with linkage. It was part of an entire z project that couldnt be completed. It would be perfect for someone who has a tired Z. $1100 .obo E-mail me for more details & pics.
  14. Hey I am in the same boat. Have you had any luck finding wider steel wheels? Jim:stupid: :stupid:
  15. Can you send me a ic of wheels if you are willing to seperate? Thanks JimROFL
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