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Debating new wheels


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I've been researching different wheels to put on my 240Z (see gallery). I like the looks of the current wheels, but want to go with a light wheel package. My current Altstadt wheels (17"x 8" 35mm O.S. & 17"x 9" 35mm O.S.) weigh in at approximately 21 to 22 lbs each. The wheels i've been looking at are: Volk TE37, Volk SE37K, and Gram Light 57S (@ same sizing as current wheels). I would likely go with a bronze or gunmetal finish. As you know the first two choices would cost around $2000.00 for a set and the last choice about $1000.00............of course, the last is a cast wheel while the first two are forged. OK, I know the forged units are stronger!!! All three of the choices weigh in at between 14.3 lbs to 19 lbs. So, I could reduce my total un-sprung weight from between 12 lbs to 30 lbs. New wheels could mean up to 7 1/2 lbs less un-sprung weight per corner. I would certainly think I would notice a difference in suspension responce and maybe a slight gain in acceleration. If I go with the new wheels, the Altstadt's will be up for sale. So, can any of you race experienced guys or gals add to my investigation of new wheels....sure would appreciate it!

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Victor, The wheels I'm currently running have 35mm of offset, however I have turned custom spacers to properly position the wheels on the Z. To be more specific on the new wheel sizing.....I calculated that if I go with 7 1/2" wide (f) and 8 1/2" wide ®, I can use a 22mm offset. This would position the outside of the new wheels within 0.3mm (0.0118") of the current wheels. Regarding a 4 stud wheel, I would think the factory could facilitate my needs upon request....at a price of course!!!! By the way, I love the looks of my current boat anchors. From my searchs on 3pc wheels @ 17" diameter, they are all about this weight unless you get into a forged wheel. Anyway, thanks for your input Victor.

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James, I've never heard of wheel spacers being illegal on U.S. cars. On my set-up, I have replaced the standard issue Z studs with 1/2" x 3" Morrosso studs. The studs run completely through the spacers, hence the 3" long studs.

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Are there legality issues of running spacers in the US?

As far as i know they are not road legal locally, I beleive due to extra stress placed on the wheel studs.

Hello everyone! I'd like to preface this post with a big 'shout-out' and thanks to the illustrious admin of this beloved site, without whom this discussion wouldn't even be possible. I think we should each take a few moments each day to turn our thoughts to the guy behind the curtain as they say, the one who makes it happen, the MAN WITH THE PLAN - of course I'm referring to Mike - the PHP wizard of classiczcars.com. Again thanks Mike for making this all happen for us members and the thousands of guests whose lives are geared up a notch each time they visit this place that some of us may even call home.

There's no way wheel spacers are illegal here. If they were about 50% of the cars in my neighborhood would be illegal - and I can't believe Dallas cops could be that bad. Many of the hispanic gentlemen around here like to get TINY wheels with rubberband tires and make them stick 1 or 2 (or more?) inches out past the fenders on their F150 pickups, Silverados, minivans, civics - you name it. They're everywhere. Those wheels look like they'll pop off at any minute. I stay away from them on the highway...


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