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Leaky Rear Main Seal


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I gotta say, it's probably a bigger job than you want. AFAIK, you have to remove the crankshaft, which requires removing the engine... this is one of those things that always seems to lead to a full rebuild and/or different engine.

Is your PCV system working properly? A clogged PCV valve can cause crankcase pressure to build up, causing oil leaks.

(found that out the hard way after plugging my PCV on purpose, LOL)



Kyle Hagemann

Moderator, 240Z list

'69 2000 Roadster

'71 PL521 Pickup

'72 240Z Hotrod

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I'm not sure ('cuz I haven't done it myself) but I don't think you have to remove the crank. I think the flywheel has to come off and you might have to remove the last bearing cap, but I think the seal fits over the end of the crank.

When all else fails, RTFM!



John Coffey


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