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My Daughter


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Well done on the safe arrival Allan.

My son weighed in at 2lbs 14oz. He was a wee bit unwell but now he is a boucing 2 year old. The best thing about low birth weights is that they stay babies longer. I know that sounds like a silly thing to say but kids do grow up too fast.

Many congrats and it DOES get easier.

:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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Hello Alan,

Jim in Sydney here. I felt there was something I just had to share with you.While reading through this thread and associated pages I can hear an electric Bass guitar being played in another room of the house, practise it is,..and the tune is Devo's"Girl U want"...it has a good strong Bass riff. You see Tex, the budding "Gerry Casale" is my nearly 15 year old son Liam.

Liam was born at 20 weeks gestation, about 2-3 months premature in September 1989, weighing in at a grand total 0f 923 grams, or around 2 pounds!! under circumstances very similar to those that yourself and your good lady Rosanne found yourselves with Kate.

As I read through Kates story, so many memories came back to me of the times my wife and I (and Liam!) went through, the same medical terms, same complications, charts, visits, and the long trips back home after etc. Whew! it's amazing the feelings/emotions that come sneakin' in as well mate!

He spent just on three months in a humidicrib, with us visiting each day.

There were a few little ups and downs along the way but the general trend was good. once again this lines up with little Katies progress.

Cut back now to today, Liam is 5"10" , strong as a mallee bull and so healthy he's dangerous:D :D !! The thing is ..I reckon the odds and the gods are on your side, and in 15 years time you'll find yourself listening to Kates practised rendition of that old favourite....?geez by then , who knows?!!..and definitely wanting a ride in Dads restored vintage sports car!

Stay positive!!

All the best to you and your family, Regards,


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