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Welcome to the Internet 240z-Club's new forum area! We are very excited to bring this to you and expect to see good results in the next few years.

These forums were created with the thought that information can be stored and used by everyone who owns an early 240z or 260z. It's also nice to have somewhere to go when your Z-Car is acting up and you don't know where to turn.

Believe me, when working on Z-Cars, it's much nicer to obtain help on a global scale -- especially when thse vehicles get older and a rarity on the road.

Since these forums are new, you might have a few questions about how they operate. After you check the FAQ and new user pages, please submit a question to this forum. Your question should be answered within a few hours.

If your question pertains to a specific Z-Car related item, take a look through our forums and make your selection based on that particular genre. For instance: If you have a question about the carburetion system, post a message in the "Engine & Carburetion Forum".... etc etc. You get the idea.

-- Moderator Mike

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I really like these improvements, Mike.

I'm sure alot of work went into this, and I and many others really appreciate such a site, dedicated to the 240 (and 260 too!).

So many questions, so few who really know.




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Originally posted by Rob72:

Hey !!!

Junior Member ?

Whatsup with that? hehe

Junior Member until you write 10 messages in the forums. After that, you become a regular member!! Whhoooo! Sorry, no gold stars.

In fact, I could change it to 2-3 posts. That way "single message" users are still at junior status.

Okay, I talked myself into it. Junior member status until 3 messsages have been written. After that, regular member kicks in.

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Originally posted by Mike:

Oh yes, quite a lot of work smile.gif

But, it's worth it. I sure could have used something like this when I started to work on my Z-Car. I just keep remembering the "good ol' days" when my car actually ran. Heh.


Heh, yup...mine has a new diff in it with 9 months of the 12 month warranty already gone. I've never had it out of the garage.

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