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It's only "magic" if you have been snorting the "fairy dust"....:devious:

Such an obvious rip-off and Ebay allows it.... no wonder I'm particular about who I buy things from. Shipping charges alone are more than what he is selling is worth....

Rates right up there with the "atmospheric supercharging"....:finger:

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That seems like a complete crock. I don't know what he is trying to sell. He can only get it in one color, the shipping price is sky high for such a small piece, the claims are bogus, and no local pickup???? People are bidding. I don't know, I think it is complete bogus. :finger: :finger: :finger: whisperbee

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I like to label things such as this as......"The Dog Ball Theory"

You are probably wondering what the "Dog Ball Theory" is???

Well, and I hope this doesn't offend anyone.......Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL

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I hope you guys do know that GROUNDING kits installed in your car do actually improve Horsepower... ranging from 1.5 HP to 10 HP depending on the vehicle and the good installation points. It also halps improve throttle response :)

They sell kits for almost any car.....

but this eBay one.... i say back away

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Originally posted by MikeW

I'm skeptical myself but a quick Google search turned up this:


The fact the the person who wrote this explains how to build a grounding kit yourself inexpensively lends credibility to the claim.

There is no doubt that grounds are necessary, but........

Keep in mind that the 350Zforum.com article refers to electronically controlled engines. The eBay auction refered to (for the most part) carbureted non (or minimally) computer controlled engines.

The 350Z puts out about 287 HP stock. I quote, "All of the 350Zs tested that day had an increase in horsepower between pull 1 and pull 2. But none of the others had an increase of 3%. They averaged 1% to 2%. So in theory the grounding kit added 1% more horsepower. That would equate to almost 3 horsepower."

The ebay auction pimps the product as giving 5 to 10 HP on vehicles that do not even approach 287 HP in stock trim. This would be a significant percentage increase in power, compared to what was reported on the 350Z.

I find the auctions claims to be FAR overblown and bordering on fraud. Snake Oil indeed!

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