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fuel pressure regulators?


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Hey guys,

I recently bought a fuel pressure regulator and some othe goodies from Victoria British, included was a fuel pressure regulator. I had problems with my old one since i put the new carbs and bigger exhaust on. I passed up the 20 $ one at autozone because i figured it was cheap and would break down. so i bought the one from victoria british...

Well it turned out that they are the same one... I installed it and it worked fine but after leaving it for a month while i was at college I came back to find it not working very much at all... so i put the old one back in and it works so i know its that part...

Anyway what fuel pressure regulators do you guys have?

do you like them? how much are they? and will yours work on my 240z with exhaust and weber dgv's. I also have an electric fuel pump and bypassed the mechanical.

The return line is working for all I know...

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I just use a pump from a '79 RX-7 and no pressure regulater is needed. $15.00 at the u-pullet. We tried it on a tripple mikuni set up and it performed great , in fact my friend is using one now as well. I am not running a mechanicl at all. If you go this route just be sure the pump is from a carbed car NOT injected.

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3 to 4 psi is all you'll want for carbs. I've been using Mallory unit however, I have the early SU carbs and have replumbed the fuel lines on the engine...no more ugly stock fuel lines with the orifice type resticker fuel regulation. Take a look at my picture gallery. I'm also using a Mallory gear type pump mounted next to the fuel tank.

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"3 to 4 psi is all you'll want for carbs." I found I need a solid 5 psi when above 5000rpms to keep up with the ZTherapy (stepped up) SUs. Spent alot of time trying to get rid of my high rpm problem I thought was electrical, miss-fire, or carb adjustment. Hard to believe 3 to 3.5psi wouldn't supply enough fuel, like everyone kept telling me. After trying 4, then 4.5psi problem almost was gone. Now at 5psi, problem solved. SUs handle it just fine. 5psi is not for all SUs set up for daily street driving, but I believe you need to step out of the norm sometimes to see if the norm isn't the problem.

Most pumps should give around 7psi, and you reg. it down. Fuel injection pumps will push from 25 to 60 psi depending on the system, but yeah, you don't what one from a injectionsystem.

My current setup that works for me is:

Holley Red Pump (somewhat loud for daily driver).

Holley regulator set @ 5psi

Mechanical guage.

ZTherapy SUs with SM needles & .101 nozzles.

Full radius air horns & K&Ns

No fuel return line.

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beandip, the answer to your question is yes. That is the reason I went to a gear type pump. I got fed up with the constant thumping, buzzing, what everyou want to call the sound that the articulating pumps make. I even went to the trouble of using an isolation type mounting, but the damn think was still too noisey!!! Mind you, the gear type pumps are not silent. However, once the L28 is running, I can no longer hear the fuel pump. I can live with that. :D

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Craig is correct with what he said about fuel pressure and SU carbs. As I understand it, it's a matter how much pressure and how long the needle/seat can properly regulate fuel coming into the float bowl, when subjected to pressures beyond their design limits. As an example....if the needles/seats, on an SU, were designed to handle 30 psi, we would be using pumps that meet that need. What do you think guys?

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