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Auto Active are using one of my pictures of my car without asking, and without my permission.

They must have grabbed it off the net. Probably from here before we had watermarking on the Gallery photos.

Bloody cheek!

Makes it look like I'm one of their customers or something...:tapemouth :classic: :stupid:

Alan T.

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Look on the bright side Alan, at least they are not trying to sell your car :). Things could be a whole lot worse, however it is fairly cheeky to knock off random internet pictures without giving credit where credit is due. I dont suppose you have any pictures of the white and blue (I think) G-nosed Z in your archives do you, I seem to recall seeing it for sale a while back?

Cheers Chris

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Hi Chris,

Yes, I guess it could be worse.

I must be out of touch with the modern world; I still find it shocking to find a pic of my car, parked outside my private garage, on somebody else's website. It feels like they stole my car! I want to go to the garage and check that its still there:ermm:

I'm afraid I don't have any pics at all of that blue & white car. I remember it being in the For Sale ads in the back of Autosport magazine at one point, and wasn't it actually listed in the For Sale section of this site some time ago too? I'm not sure if it actually changed owners or not, but I believe its still active here in the UK.


Alan T.

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I just remember seeing a blurb about it in the back of a classic cars magazing, and thinking that for what was on paper, it had a huge amount of claimed horsepower. Oh well, sooner or later I am sure it will pop up on someone elses website.

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Now that you mention it, I remember it being in the For Sale ads in the back of Classic & Sportscar magazine for a few months running about a year or so ago.

I have no idea of the engine spec. and I don't remember what was being claimed. As far as I remember its was a track-only car, and not legalised for use on the road. That could have changed though.

I remember it being present at a Track Day at the Goodwood circuit a couple of years ago when I was running my car there. He seemed to be having some kind of diff or driveshaft trouble at the time (? ).

I was having trouble of my own on the day; I "ran out of talent" and buried the car in the gravel trap at Woodcote corner.....


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would this be the one?


I remember it for sale as well, a long while back, I was looking into it, but it was very much stripped for track use..

could always ask on uk zclub forum if anyone knows of its where abouts..?

As for auto active, I *believe* the owner would probably not even know that your car was on there! I think someone else takes care of the site, my old car is even on there!

I think it should have a bit more of a disclaimer saying that the cars have no relation to the workshop and that photos have just been gathered from the internet.. but i think you are right, it is a bit cheeky to just nick a photo and put it on a site!


although, I note the hypocritical nature of me just posting that pic :finger: it at least does show where I got it from!:o

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Actually, we do put an overlay on all pictures. But, the overlay (watermark) is only visible if someone uploads it to our website. The picture you see above is actually located on someone else's site and he added it to the message. It's called 'leeching' but not a big deal as long as there isn't too much of it.... (can bog down a connection).

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