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  • johnnyt

    Latest wheel selections and personal reviews, which one is your favourite?

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    There have been several new wheel choices available for our Z cars over the past year, here are a few that I have taken notice of. If you know of any others please post them with your reviews, let's try to make this both fun and educational at the same time!


    These reviews are based on my own opinions.

    I have set aside all wheel bias and/or brand loyalty.

    Some of you may say that I have not picked any wheels above a 15" diameter. IMHO an s30 looks best with a 14 and/or 15" diameter wheel.

    Rota Shakotan (available in 15x7, 15x8 and 15x9! offsets will range between 0, +10 and +15)



    * For the money this is the wheel to beat, awesome sizes available and classic timeless design.

    * This wheel is based on the "Hyashi Street" which was based on the Pantera Mangusta's wheels which is considered one of the most beautiful car designs of all time.

    * Easy to replace and at a low cost.


    * Like the Rota RB there is the chance that too many people will be running these at the same time and this could deflate the uniqueness of your ride.

    * Very limited color selection.

    * Facing of the 15x7 and 15x9 look very different, so running these sizes at the same time would give an "odd" look.

    * For some, quality may be suspect.

    Rating: 4.50/5

    Approximate Cost: Between $500 - $650 US for a set

    Work Meister CR01 (available in 15x6 to 15x12, various offsets)



    * Beautiful 2-piece wheel based on a classic design.

    * Due to cost, you could have a unique ride in your area.

    * Color selection is awesome.

    * Quality wheel manufacturer based on history and reviews.


    * I can see a set of these babies costing you one of your children, move up a few more sizes and possibly two of your children!!

    * All the pictures I have seen online show it having a uni-lug design and if that is the case then drop a half point from my rating below. I simply can't stand seeing all those holes in the center of the wheel!

    Rating: 4.75/5 (would have gotten a 5 but cost scares me)

    Approximate Cost: Between $1250 - $3000 US for a set

    Rota Grid V or Classic (I believe these are only available in 15x8 zero offset for our cars but I could be wrong)



    * To me, this wheel is a cross between classic and modern design. It has no extreme, most people will not love it or hate it. It manages to satisfy most peoples tastes.

    * Low cost and easy replacement.


    * Would have been nice to see a greater selection of widths and offsets.

    * Low cost could result in too many people using these on their cars.

    * For some reason color selection is limited in USA/Canada.

    * For some people, Rota quality is suspect.

    Rating: 3.5/5

    Approximate Cost: $600 - $650 US for a set

    Retro 4 (available in 14x5.5 ET +22, 15x6 ET's +3 or +24 and 15x7 ET +12 and ET +0)



    * Nice retro design. However, these wheels have an extreme design. There are those who will say that it is a beautiful classic design and then there are those that will say that some designs are better left in the past.

    * Fairly affordable for the average Joe.

    * This is about as "wheel period correct" as you are going to get for a new wheel.

    * From what I have read online, VTO seems to make a solid product.


    * Would be nice to see this wheel available in a 15x8.

    * Design has a too much of a 'four leaf clover' look for my tastes.

    * Could use more color selections but two available are nice.

    Rating: 3.50/5

    Approximate Cost: Between $700 - $1000 US for a set.

    Enkei 92 (available in 15x7 +38 and 15x8 +25)



    * Timeless mesh design (period correct).

    * Choice of 3 colors.

    * Availability of a 15x8.

    * Good quality wheel manufacturer.


    * Offsets are a little high for an S30, 15x7 only available in a +38 and the 15x8 is only available in a +25 so spacers will most likely be needed for stock springs.

    * Could be pricey.

    Rating: 3/5 (hi positive offsets kill it for me)

    Cost: unknown

    VTO Classic 8 (available in 14x5.5 ET's +22, 15x6, 15x7, 15x8 in various offsets. Coming soon will be a 16x7 and 16x8)



    * Fantastic size selection to meet anyone's needs.

    * Classic timeless 8 spoke design based on the famous Panasports racing wheels.

    * Affordable, more so than the Panasports and I have read they are lighter which is a bonus.

    * VTO Performance has had good reviews online from current owners.

    * Available in 16" which allows greater tire selection.


    * Only available in black and silver (for those who care).

    * The 8 spoke design has been copied to death across various vehicles.

    Rating: 3.75/5

    Cost: Estimated between $500 - $1000 US for a set.

    US Indy Mag (available in 15x5.0 ET -12, 15x7.0 ET -5 and 15x8.0 ET 1)



    * Period correct wheels, this style wheel was actually a dealer option for those who could afford them. If I remember correctly, widths were limited to 6".

    * They are very affordable for the average Z owner.

    * Above average quality.

    * Good size selection for the s30.


    * Only seem available in polished finish (for those who care).

    * I just can't get over thinking about these wheels when I look down at the drain in my kitchen sink, maybe this style was inspired by an ex plumber :classic:.

    * Design has been copied on multiple vehicles.

    * I have only seen these sold at one location.

    Rating: 3.75/5

    Cost: Approximately $650 US for a set. Available here:http://www.rimsntires.com/wheel.jsp?itemid=197576&brand=US%20Mag&model=Indy&carMake=Datsun&carModel=240Z&carYear=1969

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