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  1. HLS30-00048 was originally a US car. It came from Washington state. Gab got it and restored it when he lived in Vancouver.
  2. spare hold down question

    I thought maybe only the early cars came with the rubber cover on the T-handle. All my early cars have them, but my low mileage 72 did not. Maybe that one just got lost at some point?
  3. HLS30 04575

    The bracket and notch at the top of tne pedal came on all cars until the center console was redesigned. They were two verisons of the bracket, an earlet and later version. I posted pictures of the two in another thread years ago. The plastic grommet will usually still be attached tat the top of the pedal if the handthrottle was previously instelled. That is was what I found on all four of my early cars which indicated they came with handthrottles but they had been removed. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    Yes, Japanese market cars had them too (on manual transmission cars), but that doesn't explain how it would have been installed on a US market car at the factory. I'm not sure if they came on LHD cars in other countries. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  5. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    Not to say it couldn't have happened Jerry, but just seems like 8 months into production the factory wouldn't still be adding parts that were required to be removed by the port or selling dealer. If nothing else the cost of wasted parts and effort required by the dealers to remove and replace the choke/ hand throttle would have stopped them being installed pretty quickly I would think. As for the plastic wrap being left on the interior dog leg trim I have seen that on several cars. My #480 car still has them on it too but no hand throttle. My 5/72 still had the shredded and dirty plastic wrap on the front door panels and the seatbelt shoulder straps were stiil wrap in original plastic bags when i got ghe car. Clearly the PDI was hit or miss at some dealerships. It will be interesting to hear what the original owner says. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    I have four sub 500 vin cars and all left the factory with the hand throtltle but all were removed either at the port or dealer. I have heard some people claim a few could have somehow slipped through and have been left intact. Possibly on a very early car but I find that very hard to believe on a May 1970 production car. Much more likely a prior owner added it. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    Looks like it has a hand throttle that was added at some time too.
  8. Non-Defrost rear glass..

    These are photos of the markings on my 5/72 with tinted glass for comparison.
  9. Non-Defrost rear glass..

    This is the hatch glass from HLS30-00032. Note that the door glass and quarter window glass are also labeled M-214 for the clear glass (no tint) and the windshield is M-34G. Gav, what numbers are etched on the other glass in Australian market cars?
  10. Gav, so was the glass untinted all those years or did they switch to tinted glass with no defrost at some point? The Nissan logo and information etched in the lower left corner of the glass has a letter and number code combination. The early US cars with clear glass (and no defrost) have the code M-214 and later cars with tinted glass (and defrost) have the code M-224.
  11. 2000$ rear hatch glass

    No you couldn't. Besides not having rear defroster elements, this hatch glass is the clear (untinted) version. No amount of scraper blades and acetone will remove the tint within the glass. Besides being used on early North American cars, the clear glass with no defroster was used on the Japanese market base model Fairlady Z-S. Most Japanese buyers opted for the upgraded Fairlady Z-L model though, so the glass is pretty rare. Not sure it's worth $2k, but maybe to the right person trying to restore a car that originally had this type of glass. I found a clear hatch glass on ebay several years ago for much less and bought it as a spare for my low VIN cars. Hopefully I'll never it but it's nice to have a spare just in case.
  12. American Racing LeMans Wheels

    Jerry, you should look for a set of 15" aluminum ARE Lemans wheels instead of the 14" magnesium version. The upkeep and saftey factor is.much better. I have three sets of the aluminum versions including a NOS set in original boxes. Not sure that I want to sell any though. Sent from my SM-G935P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. I believe he's referring to the stock red 72 in this commedcial Carl. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. It would have been installed at the factory but almost all (all that I have seen on US cars) were removed at the US port or at the dealership before they were sold. Sent from my SM-T377P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. 105 was listed and sold via a craisglist ad. It was never on BAT. Sent from my SM-G935P using Classic Zcar Club mobile