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  1. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Interesting you should say that as mine only has 48,718 miles on the odometer and the rest of the car looks beat but the factory pedals were in great shape.... maybe mine is under 50,000 miles after all!
  2. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Surprisingly, the rubber bumpers are in pristine shape, along with the gas pedal cover. A slight worn edge on the brake pedal rubber is the only reason for replacing the set for clutch and brake. The brake light switch tests good and the springs (which I did not strip and powder) are in great shape, albeit a tad dusty. Tomorrow I am making the trek to the mecca of Alberta Z car parts enthusiasts.... ZKars Emporium of Datsun Collectibles and Iron Oxide Attractants. Sooooo much stuff to paw though!
  3. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Greased and reassembled. New pedal pads coming soon and then it’s ready to go in!
  4. '72 $3,000

    Around here that would be a $5000 shell....
  5. '72 $3,000

    Sounds too good to be true...
  6. Silvermine Power Steering

    I am looking forward to this mod too. Hope to have this ordered this summer. No hurry as the car is no where near done.
  7. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    This is where the dual voltage gun helps. But coverage in these tight spaces can be tricky as you end up with eddy currents that deflect the powder. Sometimes I pulse the gun with no current to let the powder drift into contact.
  8. Buy the one from Arizona Z Car and it comes with caps and reservoirs for $129. I have one from them and it arrived perfect.
  9. Stroker 3.1

    Such beautiful metal...
  10. Maybe just order the front rails from Zedd Findings in Ontario and repair the rest of the sheet metal like I did on my 280.
  11. Don’t be too hasty to judge. This would not be the first time a person had been sold a brand new vehicle from the dealership that had been repaired prior to the first owner. I bought a brand new van with 60km on it in 1992 and found out 10 years later that it had been repaired at a body shop right after arriving at the dealership. Apparently someone creased the side while unloading it or parking it etc and it was fixed prior to me buying it! No “accident report” required as it was hidden by the dealer. Pretty common really.... She might not have ever known a paint repair or dent was done by the dealer or import agent before it was ever titled. ... maybe.
  12. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Almost ready for powder! Whew..!