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  1. Glass bead in my blasting cabinet. Super fine. Slow work but pretty.
  2. These are a couple pictures of one from my 9/75 production 280Z I will check my shop this weekend for any hi/lo markings. I suspect the decibel rating is the clue...
  3. He was the head medic. Notice everyone giving the "thumbs up".... military humour
  4. Just be glad you don't have to do any hand stitching like I had done!...
  5. Mine just burns steaks...
  6. After viewing your pictures of the quarter panels I am convinced you would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft 200 years ago....
  7. That is an original one owner 71 in that picture.
  8. Spent the day with the Edmonton and Calgary Z crew and@zKars Here at the oldest hill climb in North America! Knox Mountain Kelowna BC
  9. I have coilovers going in along with rolled lips. Nice to see the setup you have! This helps. Thanks
  10. Please explain your windshield method... I need to document it for future use!
  11. What are your wheel specs? Square or staggered? Offset?
  12. Ah! The Circle of (re)Life!
  13. Interesting. I wasn't sure if the 15's would clear. Do they have an offset or are you running any spacers?
  14. What size are your wheels? I am planning on the same brake setup...
  15. You bought the Australian version...