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  1. Look at the pictures of the different models, inside and out. One will speak to you more than others... I for one am not a fan of the "modern" dash in the S130's. The S30 series (whichever you choose) is similar enough that if you find a complete car, that is not requiring extensive parts, you can buy whichever you like. If you are buying a shell, keep in mind certain year production models are extremely difficult to find parts for! My 76 280Z is an early production, using parts from the single year 260 and 75 280Z's. Parts changed on certain components after Aug 1976 and that means I have to search very hard for certain unicorns....
  2. Fresh air vent on the roof in the picture comes in from the eaves, not the rafters and you can see the filter on the roof in the pic. Exhaust air pan under the car pulls out the back of the garage. Both units have an industrial puller motor/fan installed in line for a consistent low volume flow rate.
  3. I pay about $80 Cdn for a 250ml container. Where do you get it for $30 US???
  4. Wow, never thought of people doing that! If they are not attached to a build thread etc, then I see how that could be an issue. We DO offer a garage section for pictures though.... maybe that needs to be limited to a certain number of pictures to keep out Riff and his brother Raff
  5. And your car???? Do you still have it?
  6. I have been considering that. Pricey here in Canada....
  7. Thanks for the confidence booster guys!
  8. Let me clarify.... about $10,000 in parts and another $10,000 in exchange and shipping. By the time I ship everything I need from the states it will be almost double! And the motor will only be refreshed, not built as I am sticking to stock power for now. Waiting for a better ecu solution before I ramp up the power.
  9. Not a chance.... need about $20,000 in parts still!
  10. This shows the line a bit better...
  11. Oooooooh! Nice! Do you have one that says Nissan 2800 OHC? I'd be all over that! [emoji6]
  12. I love cars. The badge is the last thing I look at....
  13. The line is still there, it's just muted with the primer. I will redefine it in the hi build.