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  1. I think Jim's Five and Dime might be a better name.....
  2. Just spent the morning touring the Calgary Datsun Museum of Antiquities.... also known as [mention=11371]zkars[/mention] shop and warehouse! Picked up a trunkload of goodies for my project. So much gold hiding in these garages! Thank the Lord above for people like Jim!
  3. I definitely need the whole kit ! Just not ready for it yet!
  4. No. 25,000 us or $33,300 Cdn. At the exchange price, Canadians are out of luck. Not so long ago our dollar was par or higher than the greenback. When you consider wages and inflation are basically the same in both countries, we took a 30% pay cut with our current dollar.... it hurts!
  5. I'd pay up to $25,000 Cdn pesos.... after that, I'd rather build my own. This one is in very very good shape and should sell well. If the dollars were on par, I would say it should sell for around $25,000 US .... but in cdn pesos, that is way too much.
  6. That is one pretty 76! Very nice
  7. Interesting! My 76 says A/C on the slider but never had it from the factory! So does my friends 76...
  8. Rust was not a factory option, it was standard feature... very very very hard to find a rust free Datsun anywhere. This is actually not a bad car to restore. It looks very complete and has been re-sprayed at least once. Bodywork will be hidden of course but @ksechler hit it on the head, you will find more rust for sure. Expect it. It is just not a good car to flip. Flipping would be best for a car you pick up for next to nothing in good to fair shape and sell immediately to someone looking to do a restoration for a reasonable profit. Selling this car to someone as a daily driver that has no mechanical skills, or is not prepared to become a Datsun expert, is not a good plan. Buy this one, store it, flip a bunch of domestic grocery getters and put that money into making this your dream car. These are getting hard to find in good shape and yours is a good candidate for a rebuild.
  9. Them's some nice bolt-ons!
  10. Please make more bushings.....
  11. Check this post for more detail of the repair required for the area you have rusted out.
  12. Car does not appear to have A/C... that why it doesn't work. The dash controls say A/C on all the cars... That rust will be bad. I just repaired that area and it is not pretty or easy. A patch will not last. I removed rotted patches from my 76... Look through my thread. You will see a fairly nice 280 turn into a monster restoration. I will be into the car for 35 - 40,000 $ by the time I am done and I am doing all my own work. If someone did a small amount of work and tried to flip the car I would not even look at it for purchase as I would have to undo all the "patches" which is more work than doing it right to begin with. Flip a couple of newer generic cars to make some money, pocket the profit and buy a car like this one for a reasonable amount and do a proper repair or restoration. You will spend up a lot more than the purchase price to make this one a keeper. Be prepared. Make a budget, estimate all that you need to fix, check it three times.... then double it. I'm not saying this car is not a good starting point, it's just not a good car to "flip". Most people are not looking for a classic car to just drive as is at this price point. They are going to look at purchasing it and improving it. Unless they are very wealthy and are buying a completed restoration at a corresponding price point. If it has obviously been "patched" and flipped, I would rather have the rust to deal with myself. I am currently dealing with that same issue on mine. Poorly done repairs that now require more work to repair properly.
  13. If your hearts not in keeping the car but in only flipping it, walk away. The rust is there, you just haven't seen it yet. The motor issues may or may not resolve quickly or easily and at $5500 for an unrestored 280, there won't be a lot left for you after all the issues are fixed. My advice? Leave it for an enthusiast as is.... flip something else
  14. Thanks guys. I have a full face organic cartridge respirator and I have the product sheets!