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  1. Schneider Camshaft 274F

    Should be a nice combo. A 274 would be a nice Auto cross and street cam. Good torque at low range but added HP and RPM range up top. With an L28 you could use a 280 - 290 duration,. Some people will tell you you need more camshaft, but the worst thing you can do on a street car is to over cam the engine. An early L24 ( 6/71 ) should have Flat Tops and an E31.head. So decent CR in the 9.0 to 9.2 range. That will work nicely with that cam.
  2. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    It will be a while before it gets here. Literally slow boar from China. Yeah, I'm going to use my tiniest Drewel grinding wheel and a sharp Xacto to expose some of the Lead In. Then solder some spare legs off of a donor chip. Should work.
  3. Automatic Conversion

    There are some different shifter levers that will help this issue as Jim mentioned. I'll try and find the link a bit later. But a 71 will likely need a bit of trimming for the Tunnel hole. Even the later style F4W71B transmission from 1972 onwards requires the shifter hole to be trimmed a bit. The 1971's and earlier vhad the F4W71A transmission with the " Monkey Motion " linkage. The transmission linkage sits further back on those and the transmission tunnel hole is further back on 71 and earlier models. Part of the solution is using a 5 speed shift lever out of a 280Z 5 speed rather than a ZX. See Post #73 in the first link below ( Page 3 ) Edit: Found two of the links. Usual Photobucket mess unfortunately. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/23128-5-speed-in-a-4-speed-question/?page=3 http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/51950-280z-5-speed-shifter-question/
  4. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    Trying to hack my spare G**C 440cc chipped ECU and pull the . Bin file off it. Buddy was trying to read it on his burner. He got clumsy and broke three pins off the chip. Trying to do some really delicate surgery and recover data. Then I can burn a fresh chip.
  5. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    I've only got 29F200BB 70ns. I ordered a strip of 5 from China and they cost me about $1.00 each. I ordered the Deluxe ones 70ns . I think you want a minimum speed of 70ns or less. E-bay links: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=AMD+AM29F400BB&_sop=15
  6. Need Help Burning A Flash ROM

    I just bought this. Will supposedly work with 29F200, 29F400, and 29F800 chips and many others.: https://vod.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?transid=1864721395002&itemid=122016189087&qu=1&ul_noapp=true
  7. Flow Rate and P/N Of Original Factory Injectors

    I'd just buy the appropriate injectors from Motor Man or Injector Rehab. I got a set of re-man Standard Blue Streak FJ3's for $165 a couple of years back. But it looks like the supplier has run out of them. The FJ3's work just dandy. They are the stock 188cc re-man's. Edit: 280Z and 280ZX ( NA ) have the exact same injector.
  8. Flow Rate and P/N Of Original Factory Injectors

    ^ As NZ linked to. Original injectors for Nissan were a JECS. JECS was a subsidiary of Hitachi that worked in co-operation with Bosch so that Bosch could access the Japanese market... according to Wiki.
  9. Ah...it was the bright white paint that was throwing me off. Didn't look like a stock fan color.
  10. Jeremy. Is that the stock fan on the engine. Can you get a better picture of the fan. Something looks a little " Off "
  11. The other thing is that Coolant reservoir. It should be a minimum of 1/2 full when cold. You may have an air lock in the system. Can happen after a fresh fill of Coolant if proper procedures aren't followed. After installing fresh coolant. 1: Make sure the coolant reservoir is at least half full. Warm the engine up fully with the rad cap removed. Have the heater valve turned to full hot. Fan must be on with Auto Climate control. Watch the water level. When the stat opens the fluid level should drop. 2: Add coolant as necessary. Revv engine to around 2,000 to 2,500 RPM. Coolant level should drop further. While maintaining Revs , fill the radiator to the absolute Brim with coolant. Quickly install the Rad cap. Reduce revs. The idea of revving the engine is to pressurise the engine block and head and eliminate any Voids where air can be trapped. It will also ensure that the coolant recovery bottle pulls a solid siphon when you shut the engine off. You can repeat the above procedures if you think you have an air lock. Might be a good idea.
  12. Here's a thought. Have you actually measured the water Temp in the radiator with a Temperature probe? Could be a faulty gauge, sensor or even a bad ground. You can go to your local Parts supplier and get one of those Radiator temp testers for very cheap. I use a digital Candy/Meat thermometer that can immersed in liquids. $15.
  13. Auto Trans Oil Change?

    I had a local Drag Racer who was having troubles with blowing up TH 400's. A local Tranny shop who were supposedly experts at building Drag Transmissions. had been building them. I had one of my Autocross TH400's up for sale ( just switched car to manual tranny ) and it was filled with all sorts of hard core Trans-Go race parts. He wasn't running an auxiliary cooler or a trans temp gauge. I told him to put both in and immediately switch to Synthetics. He put temp gauge in the pan first and ran an event that weekend. He called me the following Monday. He was seeing over 350F ( in the Tranny Pan ) after his burn out and staging on the Transbrake!!! Needless to say he was putting a big arse cooler and fan in ASAP.. Fortunately he had installed the Amsoil Synthetic transmission fluid as I had recommended. About three years later, I ran into him at the local Strip. The same TH400 that I sold him was still going strong. Only thing he did was install fresh Synthetic Fluid ( Amsoil ) and a new filter at the beginning of the season. After the second season on the transmission he stopped pulling the pan to inspect it for any wear every couple of races, as the fluid and pan were spotless every time. Clean fluid, cool fluid... and a decent build = no headaches
  14. Auto Trans Oil Change?

    If you do go Drag Racing ( or any other competition ) don't forget to upgrade with an big Auxilary transmission cooler. For Drag cars the burnout and holding on a footbrake or Trans brake to buid boots creates a TON of heat more than the factory cooler can handle. For Drag racing and using an Air to Oil cooler, put an electric fan on the cooler, as you need some airflow through the fins during burnout and staging. A n Ice box with Water cooling is sometimes paired with a Water to Air Intercooler and a Water to Oil transmission cooler. An auxiliary air to air cooler is also a big help even on a stock street car with an Auto. Factory coolers are often too small.
  15. Auto Trans Oil Change?

    Australia is a big source for Jatco 3N71B racing parts. Ozzy's luv rotaries and the 3N71B from the first Gen RX7 is very populra in Drag Rcaing. http://www.keas.com.au/products.php You could also contact RB30X at Australian Z Car. I belive that he has developed some kits. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/5097-shift-kits-for-auto-zeds/