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  1. L series engine oil dipsticks

    Here you go. Question answered. 11140-E3000 supersedes to 11140-P6500 ( 11140-P6500 supersedes to 11140-P6502): Back to watching this mornings F1 race!!
  2. L series engine oil dipsticks

    That's the most likely answer. My E-Fast is down right now so there are a couple of things I can't check right now. Edit: Ok. So I just did a side by side comparison of the E3002 Dipstick ( Z ) and the P6502 dipstick ( ZX ) I measured from the rubber shoulder seat to the high mark on each dipstick. The high matk is what you should be comparing. NOT the overall length. The E3002 measures 7.375 " to the high mark. The P6502 measures 7.00 " to the high mark. What that means overall.... not a hell of a lot IMHO. F54 block on my car, so P6502 is definately correct Also considering that I ordered a new 11140-E3002 dipstick, and it was superseded to a 11140-P6502 ( This is in Canada ) .
  3. Lots of never seize on the new spindle pins and they will slide out easily the next time. Next time will probably be about 20 years...
  4. L series engine oil dipsticks

    Measure form the bottom of the stopper to the " Full " line mark. That is the only measurement you have to be concerned about.. Dipsticks should also have the last 5 digits of the Part number stamped on it. I believe you will find that measurement is all the same. The Nissan Parts catalogs list all 240Z to 280Z blocks as having the same dipstick. 11140-E3002. . I ordered a new dipstick for my 1976 280z Z motor. It was superseded to a newer number with a nice Plastic insulated handle. I'll look at the stamping numbers tomorrow.
  5. Head Gasket Oil Leak

    Stone is a brand that I've never heard of before, so I can't really tell you if it's good or bad. You should always match the head gasket to the block and head visually before installing. Any gasket should be checked for that matter. L28's were the models that had different shaped upper block surfaces throughout their manufacturing years, and there were different versions of head gasket available. Installing the wrong head gasket would leave certain water passages on the block uncovered and they would naturally leak... ( Like a sieve ). Nissan eventually superseded ( revised ) the gasket so that one Part Number worked on both types of L28 block. Problem is that some of the aftermarket manufacturers still had two different Part numbers.
  6. Head Gasket Oil Leak

    Remove all the head bolts. Apply a proper thread lubricant to the threads ( ARP and Clevite make thread lubricant ). Also put some lubricant between the head bolt and the head bolt washer. Installing the head bolts dry will not allow the bolts to stretch properly. You will get a false ( High ) Torque reading on your gauge. I trust you were using new head bolts the first time? If so you can re-torque them again. Especially as they were not stretched to their Plasticity value. If you were trying to re-use old head bolts. Get some new ones. BTW, what Head Gasket were you using? Some aftermarket ones have incorrect water passage positioning.
  7. 280zx 5 speed going into 75 280z

    With diaphragm clutches, the pedal effort goes up as the disc wears. So a lighter feel is probably normal.
  8. Getting spammed by this website

    Yep, I haven't had any E-Mails from Classic Z since I changed my settings.
  9. Getting spammed by this website

    Can't get on Hybrid Z either. ......
  10. Getting spammed by this website

    I don't think this is the same thing. It's a feature of the Bulletin board. Thanks for posting. I changed the button at the Bottom of the Reply Box to " Off " and it seemed to do the Trick . Since I was only getting E-Mail notifications about this Topic, I think that was the main culprit. However, I did make some changes to Thread following. Here is a screenshot of what I have selected now:
  11. Getting spammed by this website

    Could someone else please reply to this thread. I want to see if I've got the E-Mail notifications for E-mails finally turned off. TIA
  12. Getting spammed by this website

    Think this may be part of the problem. Under Notification Settings there is also a selection for "Someone comments on something I follow ". The Notificatication button to enable/Disable this feature for both Browser Notification and E-Mail notification are locked on " On " and the Option to Toggle has been " Disabled by Administrator" .
  13. Getting spammed by this website

    I'm getting notifications to this Topic as well now. But only this Topic. I've also noted a new Button at the bottom of the reply box. " Notify me of replies " It's defaulted to Enabled. I've switched it off and will see if it changes anything. Doesn't seem to remember that setting though
  14. Getting spammed by this website

    Someone Posts on my Profile is Enabled as Safety feature. I think you're looking at the wrong settings. You want to look under General Settings. E-Mail column is on the right.